Male Chastity Slave


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There are many aspects to the
male chastity slave that most people just do not understand. The main
idea behind a concept like this is in the fact that the man who is the slave is
only able to please his mistress or master. No one else is allowed to let loose
the monster within without their permission, and the slave knows this. The
slave is forced to wear a male chastity cage in order to keep him under control
until he is told to take it off. While things like this may sound a bit odd to
people, the slave and master relationship, in regards to sex, has been an
evolutionary tale that dates back thousands of years. Of course, these days it
isn’t so much about the master having control over every single aspect of the
slave, but in the gratification of both slave and master. knows
that this relationship is vital to a complete sexual awakening and they’ve made
some of the best possible chastity cages available you could ever find. The
variety alone is enough to make most couples that are in a male chastity
relationship grin with pleasure, and you know you are getting the
highest possible quality over other sites.


There are few things in life
that are as entertaining as having a male chastity slave under your
control. All you have to do is ask any master or mistress what they think of
the whole concept and they will gladly sit there for hours going over every
little detail that pleases them. Most male slaves will do the exact same thing
as well, as long as they have permission to do so, that is.


If you have always been
curious about what it would be like to wear a chastity cage, then you should
take a look at and see what they have to offer you. You will end
up finding out that there are numerous ways to keep your manhood under control
so that when you finally get to release it, there will be much more pleasure
involved. That is the whole idea behind wearing a chastity cage anyway; that
and giving your partner complete control over when you can release yourself.
Giving up your control over something like that is something that not every guy
out there can manage to do. Giving that control to your partner is one of the
greatest signs of trust and understanding that you could ever give to them as


Being a male chastity
is not for anyone. There is a huge amount of responsibility that you
have to have over your own urges in order to keep yourself under control. You
can’t just decide that you aren’t going to get an erection because you don’t
want to. You have to prove to your partner that you will not get one by placing
your penis into a cage that is meant to make it extremely uncomfortable if you
do start to become erect. has quite a few different items that
will take that responsibility for you, and leave you with a cage that does what
it is supposed to do and yet is comfortable and discreet as well. Nothing would
be worse than having a chastity cage that sticks out like a sore thumb. Just
imagine what it would be like to explain what that bulge is in your pants every
time you walked out in public. With you get the opportunity to be
a male chastity slave without having to tell everyone what it is you are
wearing in your pants. Although most people would either think you are
extremely well endowed or stuffing your pants for attention, the fact is they
would probably not understand why you were wearing a chastity cage in the first
place. Any man that says he is comfortable enough in his manhood that nothing
would bother him has never had the thought of wearing a chastity cage before.


In order to be a good male
chastity slave,
you are going to need to have complete trust and faith in
your partner to not do anything you wouldn’t want them to do to you. This isn’t
like letting your partner order dinner for you at a restaurant. It is much more
intimate and requires a lot more on your side of things. You are going to be
the one that is locked up all day and night in a chastity cage to show your
partner just how committed you are to them and their sexual desires. If you
have a hard time giving up your sexual control, then you are not going to be
able to make a good male chastity slave and should probably see if your
partner would wear one instead of you. Of course, there are quite a few guys
out there that have no problems giving that kind of control over to their
partners and they would gladly wear a chastity cage in order to prove their
loyalty to them. If you are a man like this, then you are truly in touch with a
deeper sexual side of you than anyone else is. This means that you should
relish the opportunity to please your partner in any way that you can. Not only
will you find a greater amount of sexual release, but your partner will as well,
and that is the most important part of being a male chastity slave.


There are thousands of
different websites online that will offer you a variety of different chastity
options for you and your partner to play around with. The most important thing
that you should know in regards to using a chastity cage of any kind is that it
should fit well and be of the highest possible quality in materials. You aren’t
going to want a chastity cage that is made from inferior metals that ends up
turning things green just because you are sweating a little. You want to make
sure that the materials you are using in your chastity cage will keep you safe
and stay as clean as possible. Any male chastity slave out there will
tell you how important it is for you to choose the best materials for your
cage. Whether that cage is a partial rod cage or a full blown sleeve that
covers everything but the tip, so you can urinate, the materials the cage is
made out of is of the utmost importance. The good news is that
has the best quality materials you can find anywhere, so you never have to
second guess yourself when it comes to purchasing that perfect chastity cage
for you or your male chastity slave.


There are few things that are
more sexual than being a slave to your partner, and wearing a chastity cage is
one of the more sexual things you can do for them. You are, in essence, giving
everything you are to your partner and your partner alone, so that they can see
that you are giving them complete control over everything. This may not be
something you are capable of doing for the most part, but wearing a chastity
cage is a great way of starting and will show your partner that you are willing
to at least try to give control to them.


Just like the old chastity
belts that women used to have to wear before getting married, the chastity cage
allows you to give the person you trust most the key. With this key, they are
able to determine when their male chastity slave is allowed to take the
cage off and for how long. Giving someone that much control over an aspect of
your sexual nature like this is not something you should take lightly. In fact,
you should take a decent amount of time to consider all of the ups and downs in
regards to giving someone the key to your chastity cage. You don’t want to give
a person the key to your sexual freedom without some knowledge of how they
might actually use it.


There are a lot of different
fetishes in the world that guys can have fun with, but one of the most profound
is in being a male chastity slave. Being a slave like this means that
you are not only giving up control over your sexual encounters but giving up
your control over the times when you are not engaged in a sexual encounter as
well. This means that even when you are at work and nowhere near your partner
you are giving them control over your daily life. Your chastity cage allows you
to give the key to the person you want to have it and only they can unlock you. gives you the
variety of cages that you can choose from to determine which cage would work
the best for you and your partner so that you know you are going to be chaste
when you are not around them. These chastity cages take complete control of
your erections in a way that nothing else can and gives that control to the one
person that you trust most in the world. If you try to get an erection while
wearing a chastity cage, then you will find it rather painful;
but not in a bad way. The pain that you will feel is like trying to stuff your
hand into a hole that is much too small for your hand to be in. It restricts
the amount of space that is available for your penis to get an erection and,
thus, you aren’t able to become fully erect. Being a male chastity slave
is not something to take lightly and, if you find that you are constantly
getting erections, then it might not be something you want to try. It will be
much more uncomfortable for you than it is actually worth in all reality.


If you are looking for more
information on what it means to be a male chastity slave, then you can
do some simple research online. Of course, you will need to stay away from
websites that offer you the opportunity to talk to these slaves on the phone or
video chat with them as those are actually sex lines that will end up charging
you an arm and a leg. However, there are plenty of sites that offer information
on this type of fetish that you can browse through. They will teach you
everything you need to know about being a slave and what it is like to wear a
chastity cage along with what to expect from an aspect like this in your sex
life. You should probably have your partner there with you so that they can
fully understand what it will be like for them to have complete control over
your cage as well. If they are unsure how to act with you being in a chastity
cage, it may not be as fun as you think it is. Take the time to read over as
much information in regards to being a male chastity slave as you can
find and you will have a very rewarding sexual experience that you never
thought was possible before. It only takes a few minutes searching around
online to find out that this is one of the most unique sex fetishes out there.
Try it once and you could be hooked forever.


Once you have found all the
information you need, then you need to go and find the right chastity cage for
your needs. offers so many different types and styles of chastity
cages that it will probably take you longer to pick one out for you than it
will to read all the information that is available on this fetish. They
literally have all kinds of male chastity slave wear available that you
could spend hours just looking at all the pictures of the different items
available. This isn’t something you are going to jump into right off the bat
and you should take the time to find the cage that is going to fit you the
best. Nothing is worse than having a cage that is either too big or too small
for your needs, so think carefully about which one you would want to wear.
Remember that you are going to be wearing this chastity cage for long periods
of time and you will want to get one that can be easily hidden while you are at
work or out in public.


With all the different
options in regards to male chastity slave wear available, you should
consider talking to your partner about what they would like to see you in. This
is a couples’ decision and should not be made alone. Both of you are going to
have to live with this aspect and if either one of you is having second
thoughts about the amount of commitment that is involved, then you should
probably think of something else the two of you can do to start out with. There
is no reason to make one of you uncomfortable with the idea of having or giving
up control of your sexual urges. It is a decision that must be arrived at
inclusively and without any regret or it just won’t be as much fun as you might
think. Both you and your partner are going to be a part of this regardless of
what either one of you might think at the moment. This isn’t something that you
can just surprise your partner with by showing up in bed one night wearing a
chastity cage and proclaiming you’re a male chastity slave without your
partner’s knowledge beforehand. Both of you have to be on the same page, or it
might be just a bit awkward. You should make sure that your partner that you
are doing this with always has the key. Never give the key to someone else and
expect your partner to understand why you didn’t give it to them in the first
place. That just takes control out of both of your hands and puts it in the
hands of a third party, unless that is something both of you agree on’ then it
is OK.


If you are thinking about
becoming a male chastity slave, then doing your research and talking
about it with your partner is the best possible way to start out. Once you have
done that, then you can proceed with purchasing a chastity cage that both of
you will agree on. When it comes in, you should try it out at home for a few
hours to see if it is going to bother you wearing it around. It is best not to
do things like this and then go out for the night because you aren’t going to
be used to wearing a cage and that can cause a lot of awkward moments in public.
The important thing to do, though, is to have fun with it.