Male chastity slave in spandex

Being a male chastity slave I am often forced to have sex with men and women. My girlfriend brings over men fucks them and asks if the would like to do her male chastity slave. Many do. Men to me are much more gentle than women who use strap ons. They tend to fuck me the hardest. My GF has many girlfriends who come over just to fuck me and sit on my face until they cum multiple times. My cock is caged so no real fun for me. The only issue I have being a male chastity slave when it comes to serviceing her male friends is many choose not to use condoms and many will fuck her but she has them cum inside of me.

Here is the view they have before they pound my ass.

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Male chastity slave


Male chastity gear

Male chastity slave boys are into style too. If your cock is going to be caged it might as well lock great. The boys at for the hottest and largest selection of male chastity gear.are working hard to become one of the largest male chastity companies and are a very good source of products for the male chastity slave. Saw this photo on their site and thought I would share it. There are few things that turn me on more than a male chastity slave and his cocked cock.


male chastity

Male chastity slave fem boys

Male chastity slave boys who decide or are forced to go
total fem can be happy that Mens swimwear makes transformation
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their wives and masters and have little say in the matter. Koala allows these
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lets her friends eat my pussy and she lets some of her male friends eat me out
and yes fuck me too. She gets so turned on by it. Offer when I am finished be
used she puts a cock cage back on me. Funny thing is I get highly aroused when
both men and woman eat my slave pussy. It gets wet like a real one from the
loads of pre-cum flowing out. Some of the guys have no idea they are licking my
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Male chastity

male chastity cock stretcher

Male chastity slave

Male chastity is about cock control, orgasm denial, submission and the like. Male chastity is about total control and some women and men have taken it to new exciting places.  Penis stretching and penis enlargement is a new phase many male chastity slaves are being put through. The process of penis enhancement is simple. The most effective way is by stretching the shaft and sometimes the balls too.  This form of male chastity is all about control. Penis stretching can be painful but it can be highly pleasurable and it is for the master or mistress to decide which it will be. This is a photo of me with my mistress showing many other women how the device is used. She tells everyone how small my cock is just for fun and since it is kept in a male chastity device offen it is under 1″ in size. She has now decided that my shaft and ball sack need to be longer so she is forcing me to use this Koalaswim cock stretcher. She uses it for size and not pain. I was happy being as small as some girl sized clits but if she wants me larger I have no choice in the matter.


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Being a Male chastity slave for the hottest and largest selection of male chastity gear.

I have been
a male chastity slave for a few
years now and love every second of it. A lot of guys out there will tell you
how great their chastity fetish is and how they enjoy being able to take their
cage off, but I am a slave that doesn’t ever get the chance to take his cage
off, and that is perfectly fine with me. Not only do I get to wear a chastity
cage for my Mistress, but I also live in a cage in the basement, so it makes me
feel even more at home when I have a cage around my cock.

Living your
life in a cage as a male chastity slave
may not be something that just any guy can agree on, but I love making my
Mistress happy and that is the only thing that is important to me in my life
right now. We have been together for almost four years and only recently
started the sex slave aspect of our relationship. The best thing about it is I
get to please my Mistress in ways that not having a cage on wouldn’t allow me
to do.

I think more
guys out there should consider being a male
chastity slave
for their partner so that they can show them the amount of
pleasure that I show my Mistress. How many guys out there would be willing to
allow their partner to tie them up against a wall and use a strap-on to fuck
them in the ass just to make them happy? I may not get the opportunity to have
physical sex with my cock, but it’s pretty much useless to me and my Mistress
anyway, so it’s no loss that I have it locked in a chastity cage all the time.


More next time!!!!!


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