Male chastity slave anal work

is a very different type of fetish material. Not all men would like to try this
one but many are willing. There are still straight men out there
who would want to try the male
chastity slave underwear, cock cages, ball crushers and cock crushers even if not for the comfiness but more of a
playful event. Wearing one does not mean you are into bondage or pain; it can
be used to entice your partner and be plainly playful once in a while. Adding a
little show to spice up the moment is not all a woman’s duty, a man can do it
as well.


is a sexy thought to see a man wearing sexy girl-like panties more so a male chastity slave
undies. It takes a real man with full figure and a body built to tease and
arouse would do the underwear justice for wearing it. Not everyone would try
one on, but some would be very eager and curious to get one on them even just
for show. It will be a delight for your partner to see you in one. It will be a
treat to the eyes and a very nasty item to get rid of too.


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Cute male chastity slave with anal hook up his ass having the head of his cock pinched. Lucky it is very tiny.

Male chastity slave anal hook and crushed balls

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Male chastity slave fashion

Male Chastity Slave

It takes a
very special guy to admit that he wants to be a male chastity slave to someone else. This isn’t something that any man
can just decide to on a whim without any thought about it whatsoever. You have
to be willing to do things that you may never have thought you would do ever
before, and if you can’t, then you are going to have to be willing to take on
the punishment. This isn’t a fluffy feel good type of fetish to be involved in,
and you will find that out very quickly.

decision to be a male chastity slave
is something that should only be reached after doing extensive research into
this fetish. You can’t just walk down the street and ask a stranger to train
you to be their slave. In fact, doing that might end up having you sent off to
a mental hospital for a few days to see if you are okay or not. This requires
time and patience like no other fetish in existence, but if you are willing to
put that kind of effort into it, then you will find a level of happiness never
before known to you.

One thing
that you will figure out by being a male
chastity slave
is that there are sites online like that will
have all the chastity device options you could ever want. The best thing about
that is that you won’t have to spend a lot of money in the process, and that is
a very good thing to realize when you look at all the financial issues people
are having these days. If you really want to go with this type of fetish, then
do your research and find someone you trust to train you. Most importantly,
have fun with it and enjoy yourself.


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