The Male Chastity Slave Mansion

The Male Chastity Slave Mansion

“Well, here it is,” Charles said as we stepped out
of the car and stared at the huge mansion before us. “This is Chastain

“Wow,” was about all I could manage to say at that
point in time. The place was enormous. It was certainly much more than I had
expected when I decided to take the next step in my male chastity journey.

“Yeah,” agreed Charles. “It is pretty impressive,
huh? I felt the same way the first time that I ever came here.”

As I stood there in amazement, I thought back to the
road that had led me to this moment. My ex-girlfriend had really been a ball
buster, so to speak. She had to have everything her way or no way at all. The
word “compromise” was not in her vocabulary. This was particularly true when it
came to having sex. I was expected to lick her pussy for hours if that’s what
she wanted and if that was required to make her cum. Sometimes I was sure that
she deliberately held back just to make me stay down there.

Eventually, I had enough of being treated like a
piece of garbage. That’s right; I actually got brave enough to send her
packing. In fact, I packed for her!
When she got home one evening, all of her shit was packed and loaded into a
rented U-Haul. There was a note attached to one of the pieces of luggage that
said, “GET THE FUCK OUT!” That was my goodbye note to her.

It was really odd that she didn’t see that coming.
She claimed to have some sort of psychic abilities so it seems she would have
known. All I know is that I was pretty relieved and happy to not have to deal
with her any longer. That happiness lasted for about a month.

In spite of myself, I found myself missing the fact
that someone else had been in charge of my sexual pleasure and when I got to
have it. Now, I could jerk off whenever I wanted to but it wasn’t quite as much
fun since I didn’t have to sneak around to do it. On top of that, it never
occurred to me to try to meet new women. She had really fucked me up bad.

Then, one night, my friend Charles told me that I
had to get out of the house and stop moping around. After all, I was the one
that ended things with that bitch, so I had no reason to be sorry about it. He
wanted to take me to a new club that he had discovered recently. I figured that
I didn’t really have anything else to do and I went with him.

This club was very strange to me from the beginning.
For one thing, it was well out in the middle of nowhere rather than being
downtown or some place trendy. He knew the way easily enough, though, so I was
hoping that he wouldn’t get drunk or something and not be able to drive me back
home. It was clear to me that I wouldn’t have ever been able to find my way
home. Anyway, he parked the car and we went up to the entrance. I couldn’t
believe how many people seemed to be here.

My attitude started to change about this whole
experience about the time that we got to the door. This absolutely gorgeous
woman was standing there wearing a rather interesting outfit. It seemed to be
made of some sort of leather or vinyl. The top part was a corset style and she
wasn’t wearing anything else other than thigh high black silk stockings and
high heeled black leather knee boots. Her hair was black and tumbled down over
her shoulders and reached the middle of her back. Her makeup was rather extreme
but she was still very beautiful.

“Hi Charles,” she said, greeting my friend by name.
“Who do we have here?”

“Good evening Mistress Bailey,” he said in a
subservient tone that I had never heard him use. “This is my friend, Joshua.”

I whipped my head around to look at him. No one
called me Joshua except my mother when she was mad at me for something.

“Um, it’s actually, Josh,” I said.

“No, no,” the woman said. “Here we use full names,
Joshua. Welcome. Charles will show you around.”

Well, Charles did show me around and that’s how I
got to learn all about male chastity and how it works. This place had several
women that looked a lot like Mistress Bailey and they all seemed to be in
various stages of training men. Charles showed me all of the different chastity
devices that were on display in this place and he was able to explain to me how
they all worked. Then he went on to show me some of the demonstration areas
where the women explained to the newcomers just how they could become a part of
the male chastity lifestyle.

After my initial shock wore off, I found that this
stuff was starting to make my cock hard. Maybe it was these beautiful women and
the way they were dressed or maybe it was just that I had been kind of used to
associating sex with giving up control because of that cunt I had been with for
too long. Now, I had hated that shit with her, but the way these women were
working it only made me want to fuck. It was much later that I learned this was
one of those urges that needed to be controlled by a chastity device.  Oddly enough, though, that didn’t really
disappoint me at all. You would think that since I was so horny and ready to
fuck that it would have upset me to learn that wasn’t gonna happen. Instead,
though, if anything, the deprivation was making me even hotter. I thought for
sure that I was gonna shoot my load right there in my underwear.

Eventually, I learned all about this “club” that
Charles had dragged me to. It was a male chastity club and the guys that came
here learned all about the chastity lifestyle. They got to spend their time
here being trained for a more serious commitment or if they wanted to just try
it out, they could do that, too. I was amazed at the setup here and found
myself having a blast even though I wasn’t getting to fuck anyone.

The women there taught me all about how to choose
the right chastity device to start out with, and then they showed me how to put
it on. Since that night I was still new, they told me that I was considered to
be someone that was trying it out so they would show me everything I needed to
know to make an informed decision as to whether or not I wanted to live a male
chastity life. Everything was so hot that I wasn’t sure that it would work for
me because it was having this horny effect on me. However, by the time Charles
and I left that night, I was pretty much sold on the whole idea of male

Over the next few weeks, Charles and I went back to
the club as often as possible. By now, I was completely convinced that this
chastity thing was definitely for me and couldn’t wait to find out more about
how to get my very own Key Holder since I was no longer in a relationship with
anyone. I had to laugh a little when I thought of how much that bitch I used to
be with would have fucking loved
this! Being able to carry a little key around to a cage that kept my cock under
control would have been right up her alley. It also gave me a little thrill
that I had never allowed her to do that to me. Yet, here I was actively looking
for a way to find a Key Holder so that I could start living this male chastity

Soon enough, I was assigned to a Key Holder whose
name was Stephanie. She took pretty good care of me, I have to say. I learned
all about how to clean my chastity device and how often I needed to do that.
She taught me other stuff, too, like making sure that I knew how satisfy her
whenever she wanted it. The thing is, though, that when I had earned the
privilege, she let me out of my cage and allowed me to experience some sexual
pleasure of my own.

What had brought Charles and me to this moment right
now, though, was that I had decided that I loved this lifestyle so much that I
was ready to become a male chastity slave. Since Charles was already into that
to a degree, he brought me to Chastain Mansion. This was the home of Mistress
Chastain and her stable of chastity slaves. I was about to meet the Mistress
herself and, if I was found to be worthy, she would accept me as one of her

The door was opening now and I am hoping that I will
be someone that she feels will fit in with her stable. I hope she’ll take me
because I still have so much to learn.

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The Life of a Male Chastity Slave

Male Chastity Slave

The Life of a Male Chastity Slave

When a man is considering taking up the role of a
male chastity slave, there are many things he needs to be aware of before
making the commitment. While he may have been involved in a chastity lifestyle
to some degree, becoming a slave is a totally different experience. For one
thing, if he was just into chastity for fun, relaxation or both, he may have a
little bit to say about the level of chastity he must practice. For instance,
his Key Holder may be someone he’s in a relationship with and they have limits
to what goes on in their particular chastity relationship.

If you think that being a male chastity slave is
going to be that simple and easy going, you need to think again. When you’re in
a slave situation, your Key Holder will also be known as your Owner, Mistress
or Master depending on the circumstances. You will have no say whatsoever in
when you come out of your chastity device and there’s not even a guarantee that
you will be allowed out of it.
Hopefully, though, your Key Holder will be well-versed in the safety measures
of chastity and won’t make you wear it for the rest of your life. That could be
a dangerous thing for you.


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Don’t Fear Being a Male Chastity Slave

Male Chastity Slave

Don’t Fear Being a Male Chastity Slave

Most men that are considering the life of a male
chastity slave are already in the chastity lifestyle. It is rare that a man
with no experience whatsoever in with chastity suddenly decides that he wants
to be a chastity slave. That doesn’t mean it never has happened; it simply
means that it’s a very rare occurrence. On the other hand, men that have been a
part of the chastity lifestyle for even a little while may decide at some point
that they want to take it to the next level and become a full time male
chastity slave.

If you’ve been involved in male chastity, you should
already know that there’s not a reason to be afraid of entering the chastity
slave aspect of this sub-culture. As long as you’re with someone you trust
implicitly, what do you actually have to be afraid of? Your Key Holder or Owner
should always be someone you trust above all others anyway. So as long as you
have that, it should be clear that this person would never do anything to hurt
you. If you’re still afraid of becoming a chastity slave, then either don’t do
it or find a Key Holder that you are more comfortable with.


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Being a Male Chastity Slave Takes Courage

Male Chastity Slave

Being a Male Chastity Slave Takes Courage

While many people look at being a male chastity
slave as taking somewhat of a wimpy and cowardly personality. The truth of the
matter is, though, that a chastity slave is actually a very brave man. He has
made the scary decision to turn over his total sexual pleasure to another
person. That takes a great deal of trust in order to do that. This is one of
the reasons that it’s highly recommended that your Owner is someone that you
know because, otherwise, you may not be able to trust that person.

A male chastity slave has to give up his sexual
freedom because he won’t be making those decisions for himself any longer. His
Owner/Key Holder decides when he gets to remove his chastity device and when
he’s allowed to have some true sexual release. In the meantime, he’s instructed
to satisfy his Owner’s/Key Holder’s desires in whatever way they have chosen
for him to perform this. Typically, the satisfaction is delivered through oral
means but other times various toys are involved. The point is that he must do
this while not being allowed to get an erection himself. Nothing takes more
courage than that.


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A Male Chastity Slave Must Be Committed

Male Chastity Slave

A Male Chastity Slave Must Be

As a good
male chastity slave you need to make sure that you are doing exactly what your
Owner wants. Sometimes that means thinking ahead and making sure to do things
that your Owner would like you to do but hasn’t told you to yet. If you can
manage to do that, then there is a very good chance that you are going to be
considered the best chastity slave ever and will get the release from your cage
that you have desired since getting into this lifestyle. Of course, that is
going to be harder to do than you might think.

Being a male
chastity slave is a difficult thing to do for a lot of guys because they find
that giving up sexual penetration or an erection in general is one of the most
difficult things to do. They normally get used to the idea of having to live
their lives in this manner, but it could take a bit of time for some guys to
finally give in and realize they are slaves. If you are willing to live a
lifestyle where you are a sexual slave to another person, then you have really
got to want it in order to be happy with your decision.


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