I Am a Male Chastity Slave

I Am a Male Chastity Slave

Being a male chastity slave is a difficult life to live. This isn’t nearly as bad as being a
BDSM slave, but if your owner has that type of a background in their life, then
it could get fairly tedious for you as the slave. I have had my fair share of
owners over the years and the BDSM owners are a lot more strict about what they
will allow you to do and the types of punishments they will administer to you
for not pleasing them in a manner that they feel is appropriate.

If you are
lucky, you will find an owner that doesn’t have this type of a background for
your first stint as a chastity slave. You want to make sure that you can at
least enjoy your time with your owner, and that can be difficult to do when you
are chained to a chair and being ass fucked with a large dildo. Not that
something like that is necessarily a bad thing for a lot of guys out there, but
if you aren’t used to being a slave of any kind, then you might want to start
out a bit simpler to begin with.

One of the
best male chastity owners that I have been with allowed me to be happy and pain
free while we were together. She didn’t make me do anything that I wasn’t
prepared to do and she always asked me what types of things I would be willing
to try. In fact, we would sit down for an hour or so before starting my
training and talk about all the things that we both wanted to experience in our
time together. A lot of guys don’t get to experience something like that with
their life partners, and it can make a huge difference in your relationship.

The worst
chastity owner I ever had was completely oblivious to the things I wanted. It
was all about him and nothing else mattered. If I wasn’t able to please him in
the manner that he was expecting, then he would end up throwing a fit and start
yelling at me for no reason. I wasn’t able to stay with him for very long as I
quickly got tired of being blamed for his inadequacies. I did everything he
wanted me to do, but it always turned out that I was doing it wrong when, in
reality, he had no idea what he was doing.

I found out
a few months later that I was the first male
slave he had ever had, and he was getting all of his information
off some website online that had a forum filled with individuals that didn’t
know what they were talking about. I know this because I went to the forum and
looked around one night. I actually believe that none of the men on that site
had ever seen a real chastity device let alone ever put one on and locked it
over their cocks.

Now I have a
slave owner that knows what it is they want out of our relationship and is
still willing to listen to the things that I am interested in. There are times
when I don’t get to take the cage off my cock, but that is to be expected at
times. If I was able to get the cage off my cock all the time, then I wouldn’t
be that good of a slave after all. Sometimes you have to keep your mouth shut
and just do what you need to do in order to make your owner proud.

If you have
never been a male chastity slave before and this is your first time, then you
need to make sure that you are prepared for what is going to happen to you.
Most guys don’t really understand what it means to be a slave that is wearing a
chastity device and what they will have to do in order to succeed in being
happy with this lifestyle choice. Now that may sound a bit uppity to some
people, but the truth is that you are going to have to do some things that you
may not have thought about doing in the past.

It takes a
very special type of guy to be able to wear a device like this and still feel
sexy about it. Even if you have been a slave before and you know that you can
have a lot of fun with something like this, it doesn’t mean that you are ready
for the chastity slave lifestyle. You will need to do some homework in order to
figure out if this is actually something you want to do. You can wear a
chastity device all the time and not have to be a slave to someone else because
of it.

There are
actually a lot of guys that have worn male chastity devices and never ventured
into the world of being a slave. I spent a good year or so simply wearing my
device and enjoying it without anyone else even knowing about it let alone
forcing me to do things. You might want to try that out a few times in order to
see if wearing a chastity device is actually something you would be comfortable
with in the first place. If you can’t handle wearing a device on your own, then
you aren’t going to do very well being someone else’s slave while wearing it.

I have never
had a problem with being a slave to anyone as long as they were willing to give
me some kind of say in the things I was supposed to do for them. I’m not much
of a guy for the whole pain aspect of sexual encounters, so having a slave
owner that thrives on pain is something I’m not too comfortable with. But you
could be different with all of that and pain might be something you are willing
to enjoy.

Whether you
want to be a full-fledged male chastity slave or not, wearing a chastity device
is quite an entertaining experience. I have learned a lot of things about
myself that I never knew simply because I was wearing a device that kept me
from getting an erection. I never would have known how great foreplay could be
if it wasn’t for the fact that I couldn’t use my cock while I was wearing my
device. Think about that the next time you crawl into bed with someone and see
how long you could give oral sex to someone without getting an erection while
doing it.

I know that
I wasn’t able to do things like that without getting an erection and
maintaining that erection ended up making me a bit quick out the gate if you
know what I mean. But by wearing this device and forcing my erection to stay
away, I was able to last a hell of a lot longer than ever before. Most guys
that wear a device like this will find out the same thing about themselves
rather quickly. The problem is that some guys won’t wear the device long enough
to find things like this out or not.

When I first
started to delve into the male chastity slave lifestyle, I had already been
wearing my device for a good bit of time. This wasn’t something that I just
decided to try out for the fun of it I knew what I was getting myself into. I
knew that there was a good chance that I was going to be wearing my device for
a very long time if I wasn’t able to get the key back feom the slave owner.
That is something you really need to worry about because you might not get that
key for a very long time.

I once spent
an entire month in my device simply because my owner decided to go on vacation
for a few weeks and never told me about it until they were already gone. Now
that is something you are going to have deal with in your own way if it happens
to you. I personally spent a few hours crying in the corner because I knew that
I was going to have to keep my device on the entire time they were gone. Then,
I got over it and just went about my daily routine.

Being a male
chastity slave is something that can open up all kinds of doors in your life
and allow you to see a different person inside. But it can also be one of the
hardest things you have ever done if you aren’t ready for it. Even if you have
read everything there is to know about being a chastity slave, there are still
going to be moments that confuse you and catch you off guard as well. I highly
recommend this lifestyle to anyone that is willing to put their lives back into
their hands and have some fun, though. You never know what kind of interesting
things you can end up doing while wearing a chastity device, and every one of
them is going to show you just how adventurous you can truly become in your


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What it Means to be a Male Chastity Slave

Male Chastity Slave

What it Means to be a Male Chastity Slave

I have been
a male chastity slave for a very long time now and there is nothing I would
rather do to make my partner happy. Most people that don’t understand the role of
the chastity slave would think that I am a pervert that is completely whipped
by my partner. The thing they don’t understand is that I absolutely love being
able to please my partner in ways that those other guys could never understand.
They have no clue what it takes to really please someone in bed and they never
will because they think they are sexual gods.

Everyone knows that being a male chastity slave
is not the hardest thing to do with your life. But once you and your owner get
the hang of things it becomes another aspect of life that you simply enjoy
being a part of. Every day that I am wearing my chastity device and pleasing my
partner is another day that my happiness is brought out of me. How many guys
out there that don’t understand the concept of being a chastity slave could say
the same thing about the lives they are leading right now? How many of you
would consider your lives better than anything I could ever have simply because
you can have an erection while having sex? Most of you may feel that way but
don’t knock something until you’ve given it a chance.

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