Understanding Life as a Male Chastity Slave

Male chastity slave in penis display with built in anal plug cock ring by koalaswim.com

Male chastity slave in cock display with built in anal plug cock ring by koalaswim.com

Understanding Life as a Male Chastity Slave

I am a male
chastity slave and I love every second that I am under my owner’s control. Now
this isn’t a lifestyle that every guy can feel comfortable with, but I do think
it is something that all men should at least try once in their lives. You might
feel a bit out of control the first couple of times, but that is the whole
reason for trying it to begin with. Being able to give up that control is what
makes this lifestyle so great and entertaining to play around with.

The first
time you get into your male chastity slave gear, you are going to think that
you have lost your mind. Everything you thought this lifestyle was going to
give to you is actually going to take it away and you will never look back.
This is something that a lot of guys just don’t understand. They rush headlong
into the chastity slave lifestyle without thinking first about what they are
doing. Of course, they will realize exactly what they will have to give up, but
it’s usually not in time for them to change their minds. If you are strong,
though, you will enjoy it and continue this lifestyle for the rest of your


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Understanding Being a Male Chastity Slave


Understanding Being a Male Chastity Slave

Being a male
chastity slave is something that a lot of guys aren’t able to manage. Most men
think that pleasing their partners, whether male or female, is just a means to
being pleased themselves. They only do what needs to be done in order to have
penetration and release. They couldn’t care one bit what the other person they
are with might think about it all, but that is just the way things go
sometimes. Being a chastity slave means that you already know you aren’t going
to be pleased, but you still have to please the partner you happen to be with.

If you are
interested in being a male chastity slave, then you need to fully understand
what is going to be expected of you. There are few guys that will take the time
to actually research something like this unless they are truly interested and,
because of that, they find out the hard way that it’s not something they will
enjoy as much as they might have thought. But if you do take your time and
learn the finer things about being a chastity slave, then you might find that
this is the one thing in your life that you actually enjoy being involved in on
a deeper level.


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Reasonable Male Chastity Slave Owners

Reasonable Male Chastity Slave Owners

Being a male
chastity slave can be extremely fun if you have a partner that is willing to go
a bit easy on you if you behave yourself. I am lucky enough to have a partner
that is easy on me and allows me to have a bit more fun than some others might
not allow. In fact, my partner allows me to take my device off every night for
about an hour so that I can take a shower and have some time to relax before
putting it back on again.

Now, there
are a lot of male chastity slave guys out there that are never allowed to take
their device off unless they actually please their owners. These poor guys will
usually end up wearing their devices for months on end before they are allowed
to have any relaxation without it. Of course, this might not be something that
you would be interested in, but there are a lot of guys that seem to crave this
amount of abuse and actually live to enjoy it every single day. Just be aware
that you need to have an understanding owner if you don’t want to be punished
for long periods of time.


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Party Like a Male Chastity Slave

Party Like a Male Chastity Slave

One of the
things that I have learned about living the male chastity slave lifestyle is that I have forgotten all about any of the other
fetishes that I have ever had. Well, there is one that I still enjoy which has
to do with feet, but all the other things that I have enjoyed over the years
have gone right out the window since putting on that first chastity device. You
may not find it that easy to forget about your previous fetishes,  but I certainly was able to once I locked my cock
up and couldn’t use it anymore.

The funny
thing about this is that I always enjoyed showing off my hard cock whenever I
could. I wasn’t going around flashing people on the street or anything like
that, but I was proud enough of the size of my cock to allow anyone that wanted
to look at it a chance. I would even pull it out in the clubs just to see the
expressions on the faces of those around me. I got into trouble a few times by
doing things like that, but getting tossed out of a club isn’t all that big of
a deal.

I wore my
male chastity slave device to the urologist once and ended up having a really
interesting conversation. It turned out that my urologist was also into the
chastity lifestyle and told me all about what I needed to do in order to
massage my prostate to stay healthy. He also said that it would enable me to
wear my device for longer periods of time. Then, he showed me what massaging
the prostate was all about and my medical insurance covered the entire thing.
Being able to have one of the most intense sexual encounters of my life in that
manner was fantastic.

Once I
figured out what I needed to do in order to massage my prostate, everything
else that I had ever wanted to try in the world of sex melted away into the
background. I couldn’t care less what happened to me after finding out that
little secret about the prostate. Of course, it takes some self-control on my
part to not massage my prostate every single day. It’s almost like trying to
live your life without breathing for days on end, but by being able to hold off,
it makes it much more intense.

There are
actually a lot of things that you could do to make your male chastity fetish
more enjoyable, but most of them need to be done in private. The whole
massaging of the prostate shouldn’t be done out in public, but there are a few
guys that can enjoy some of these things out in public if they are lucky enough
to be with the right people and in the right place. Some fetish clubs would
allow things that will excite the chastity fetishist, but not take things
overboard so that they might get into trouble.

Now there
are some clubs out there, which are much harder to get invited to, where these
chastity devices will be more than welcome as long as you aren’t wearing
anything else over the top of them. I have actually found a couple of these
clubs, mostly in private residences by the way, but they are exceptionally fun
ways of exploring your sexual side in an open fashion. You don’t even have to
use your real name, either, so that no one would be able to track you down
later. It’s safe and fun and can bring out a whole new side to your chastity
lifestyle that you may never have known about.

In fact, it
was at one of these clubs that I first found out about the male chastity
lifestyle and what it could do for me. Before that, I didn’t even know that
anything like that ever existed, but after that party, it was the only thing I
could ever think about. I was invited to one of these private party clubs by a
friend of mine that didn’t want to go there alone, just in case it was
something like an orgy with a bunch of old ugly people, as they put it.

They wanted
to go to this party to see what it was all about, but wanted me to go with them
so that they at least knew someone there. He said that if it was lame, we could
always take off and go to a real club, but he really wanted to check it out so
we went. Once I walked in the door, I was ready to stay there for the rest of
my life, though. Everywhere I looked, there were extremely sexy individuals
wearing all manner of clothing, and quite a few that weren’t wearing any
clothing at all.

I noticed
that there were some guys walking around with these metal cages over their
cocks, which I later found out were male chastity devices. They had dog collars
on and leashes attached to them, which made me think it was more of the bondage
or submissive aspect, and they were taking drinks around like waiters at a fancy
party. Of course, these waiters were only wearing the cages and dog collars and
nothing else, so that fancy party aspect went right out the window just by
looking at them.

I asked
someone at the party who the guys were that were wearing the collars and they
told me that they were the chastity slaves of whomever the person was that was
throwing this particular party. That is when I found out what being a chastity
slave was all about, and received my very first lesson in wearing one of these
cages. You see, I went on my search for the person that was throwing this party
and had to ask them all about that fascinating cage that their slaves were
wearing and where I could possibly get one.

My search
for more information about these male chastity devices took me down into the
basement of the house. This is where the hardcore BDSM section of the party was
happening, and I was told that the owner of the house would be down there
giving a demonstration. I was a bit scared of walking down into some dungeon
filled with half beaten people strung up on the walls and chained to different
torture devices or furniture. Of course, the basement was fully converted and
designed to look like a perfectly natural living space and didn’t resemble a
dungeon at all, which made me fill a lot better.

I asked
around and found the owner of the house, a woman in her late 40’s, sitting on a
couch talking to a couple of other people about different ways of using rope to
bring a climax to a heightened state or something. I waited until they were
finished and she glanced up at me and smiled. She immediately knew that I was
completely out of place and waved me on into a separate room down the hall. She
introduced herself and told me that I looked like a little lost puppy among all
the partygoers that were there on a regular basis.

Naturally, I
told her that my friend had been invited and I was kind of the backup in case
things got a bit too weird for him and he needed to leave. Then I asked her
about the male chastity devices that her slaves were wearing and where I might
be able to get one. She smiled and asked me if I had never seen something like
that before? I told her that just about everything I had seen in her home was
new to me and that the only fetish I had was a foot fetish.

She smiled
and walked over to a closet, which was huge, and pulled a sliding shelf out. On
that shelf there must have been thirty different styles of chastity devices.
Each and every one of them seemed to be brand new. She went through each one
and told me what the design was based on and how they would feel while they
were being worn. Then she asked me if I would like to try a few of them on to
see if it was something I would be more inclined to enjoy in the future or not.

That night I
found out that I absolutely had to have a male chastity device over my cock,
and that there are some really good looking women out there that just happened
to have cocks under their dresses. I have been back to her parties a couple of
times since then and each time I go back she remembers me by name and we have a
wonderful talk in that little private room down in the basement. Then I go out
and have some more sexually based fun with the others upstairs and in the pool.
I must say that wearing a chastity device has definitely changed my life over
the years, and for the better all because a friend wanted my support at a


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Male chastity slave being readied for action. Koalaswim.com cock and anal gear

Male chastity slave being readied for action. Koalaswim.com