Living as a Male Chastity Slave

I have been a male chastity slave for a number of years now and can’t really imagine living my life any other way. I know that some people look at me funny when I tell them that I live this lifestyle but that is okay. They just don’t understand what it’s like to give up that kind of control in their lives and not have to worry about what might happen to them. That is probably the most important part of being a slave to someone, especially when you throw in the sexual undertones that you are going to be dealing with.

As a male chastity slave, there are things that I had to get comfortable with even if I didn’t want to. Thankfully, I had a very good trainer and it wasn’t that difficult to get used to the needs that I had to please. The best thing is that when I do please my trainer, I am offered the limited release that I desperately need during our training sessions. Sometimes you want to keep that chastity device in place for as long as possible and, other times, you can only think about having it removed.


If you are interested in being a male chastity slave, then you will need to make sure the person you are with is interested in training you. You might be able to find a third party that will help with this, but I find it more entertaining if I am around my trainer all the time. This way you don’t have to schedule moments that the two of you can get together to have some fun. You can have those random sexual encounters that are so important with any relationship. Of course wearing a chastity device and being a slave means that it can happen at any time and any place that they two of you might be. That just adds a bit more excitement to the entire process.


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Understanding the Male Chastity Slave Life

Being a male chastity slave is a misunderstood lifestyle by most people. They think that all I do is sit around every day waiting for my Mistress to tell me what to do next. But that isn’t the case. I go about my everyday life just like anyone else in the world and I am happy to do so. When I get home I do all the normal things that any other guy would do and I’m not chained to a bedpost or living in a small cage. I am outwardly normal like anyone else but I have a chastity device locked in place.

The only way that a male chastity slave can get the chastity device taken off is if he pleases his Mistress, or Master, enough to have them remove it. It doesn’t have anything to do with bondage, usually; although there are genres of this lifestyle that does have a lot to do with bondage. For me, there is no bondage or anything like that involved, though. I just have to wait and try to sexually please my Mistress enough that she feels I have deserved to be let free of my little metal cage.


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Most male chastity slave guys will tell you that they are more than happy to lock themselves up for the person they care about the most. On the other hand, there are some that might have this lifestyle forced upon them in ways that they aren’t exactly happy with. They will learn to get used to it, though, and, once they are happy, they will see how beneficial it can truly be. However, I was not forced into it and I have seen the beneficial aspects of a chastity lifestyle since I heard and felt that lock click into place on my chastity device. It’s definitely something I think more guys out there should try.