A Male Chastity Slave Also Thinks for himself

Male Chastity Slave

A Male Chastity Slave Also Thinks for

As a male
chastity slave I find it rather insulting that there are people that actually
think that I am not capable of having any ideas of my own. In fact, becoming a
slave was my idea to begin with and I actually had to talk my partner into it.
Since my partner is new to the slave lifestyle, I had to train them as to what
needed to be done and show them exactly what to do in regards to my training as
well. Just because I am a slave doesn’t mean that I don’t have some say in what
I am wearing, either.

I know that
there might be a www.koalaswim.com slave out there that is locked away in a secret
closet only to be let out for his owner’s amusement, but that doesn’t happen
quite as often as you might think. The aspect of wearing a chastity device is
the basic slave requirement, but everything else is collaboration on both
sides. If you are a chastity slave and you don’t like what is happening, then
say something and see if it can be changed into something you enjoy a bit more.
It doesn’t hurt to ask unless your owner is into BDSM. That’s an entirely
different lifestyle with different rules.

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