Becoming a Male Chastity Slave

Chastity Slave

a Male Chastity Slave

If you’ve been into male chastity for a while now,
you may feel that you’re ready to go to the next level and become a male
chastity slave. Before you make that final commitment, you should probably
understand that there’s quite a difference between being a chastity slave and
just being involved in the male chastity lifestyle. The biggest difference is
in the fact that as someone that wears a male chastity device, you’ve got a bit
of say in how that all goes. Even your Key Holder will most likely work with
you as in when you get to take off the device and have some real fun. Male
chastity is really just to help you gain some self-discipline in your life and
learn more about what it means to please someone else more than yourself.

To be a www.koalaswim.comslave is to totally give up
all sexual pleasure unless your Mistress, Master or Owner deems it right that
you should have it. You’ll basically be spending all of your time pleasing the
person that you’re in service to. That’s why they call it being a slave. So you
should consider that when making the decision to try it out or not. It’s not
going to be anything that you ever dreamed it would be.


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