Reasons to be a Male Chastity Slave

Male Chastity Slave

Reasons to be a Male Chastity Slave

Being a male
chastity slave may seem like one of the easiest things you could ever do in a
sexual fetish, but that isn’t exactly true. Some guys may think that all you
have to do is lay back and let someone mess around with you while you are
wearing a cage. While that may sound awesome to a lot of men, trying to lay
there without getting an erection is going to push your concentration to the
limits and back again, which is a bit more difficult than you might think. It
certainly isn’t the easiest thing in the world to manage.

I have been
a male chastity slave for a few years now, and I can say that I have definitely
been involved in easier fetishes in the past. But even though this fetish isn’t
the easiest thing I have ever taken on, it is definitely one of the more
entertaining ones I have participated in. It’s odd that being a slave to
someone that you have to please all the time can be a difficult thing, but
being able to see a smile on that persons face is one of those things that
makes you know that you are doing the right thing with getting into this


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