Trying Out the Male Chastity Slave Lifestyle

Trying Out the Male Chastity Slave Lifestyle

Being a male
chastity slave is not something that every guy is cut out for. This fetish is
one of those things you have to live with every single day for the rest of your
life if you are truly serious about it. I have been a slave for the last three
years and there isn’t a single day that I don’t have my chastity device on. I
do get to swap them out from time to time so that I can keep them and myself
clean, but those swap outs usually only last about five minutes at the most and
I’m not even allowed to touch the device while it’s happening.

If you are
looking to dabble in the realm of the male chastity slave, then you will
probably do much better by looking around online than actually purchasing a
device and trying it out yourself. You will more than likely end up doing it
all wrong and you won’t get any enjoyment out of that. Besides, you need
someone to train you and teach you what being a true slave is all about. If you
don’t have that person, then you will likely fail in understanding what a slave
should experience.

I am not
saying that you shouldn’t try to be a male chastity slave. I’m just saying that
it’s important to have all the information you can get before you start this
lifestyle. If you can do that, then there is a good chance that you will end up
being just as happy as I am with my current lifestyle choice. I can’t imagine
living my life any other way and that is what being a chastity slave is all
about. You live to please the person that has the key to your device and
nothing else matters besides that.

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