Male Chastity Slave Story

Male Chastity Slave Story
A male chastity slave
like me should be the type of guy who is open to anything, and I mean anything
and everything. Living this kind of life is, I believe the most exciting life
you can ever live. If you have watched any movies in the past that they say
lives of kings and queens are the best, I would have to disagree because mine
truly is.


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As a male chastity slave,
the expectations other guys have on you is pretty high but that shouldn’t be a
problem at all. It all comes naturally to you to be playful and mature at the
same time. The only problem is that, you should also be game for everyone out
there. But what if I get attached to one particular guy and decide to fall in
love with him for good?

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I don’t think that’s a problem. In fact, that will make sex even
more exciting as ever and I would like to experience that. But in the meantime,
I think I am good and have been doing my very best as a male chastity slave. I live how it pays the bills too, you know.


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