Male chastity slave using anal stretching g-string

Male Chastity Slave

Being a male chastity slave is something that
you are going to have to take very seriously, especially if this is your first
time trying it out. This is a lifestyle that you are going to have to choose to
be a part of rather than something you can dabble in whenever you have some
free time. You will be expected to meet your obligations with your Mistress or
Master on their schedule and deal with all of your personal issues when you
have the free time given to you by them.

Because being
a male chastity slave is more like a
full time job for some guys, it’s a good idea to do some research into the
lifestyle and the devices that are available for you to wear. This means
spending some time online looking through sites that will give you details in
how you are supposed to act while you are in slave mode. You will also need to
look at sites like in order to find devices that you can wear on
a regular basis that won’t give away the fact that you have your cock locked up
in your pants.

If you are
only curious about being a male chastity
then you can read the information that is online, but you probably
shouldn’t immediately go out and find someone to own you. You might end up not
asking the right questions and find yourself on the wrong end of a dog collar
and riding crop. Take the time to do your research and find out what it’s all
about before jumping in with both feet and no life jacket. It will save you
time and give you a better understanding of this lifestyle before you end up
looking like a complete fool while trying to find the right Mistress or Master
for your needs.


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