Are You Ready to Be a Male Chastity

Male Chastity Slave

Are You Ready to Be a Male Chastity

Most people
out there consider a male chastity slave to be another aspect of the BDSM
lifestyle. They hear the word slave and naturally assume that you are walking
around with a dog collar on and have a Mistress with a serious Latex fetish
walking behind you smacking your ass with a riding crop. Now, you can be sure
that there are some men that are doing just that and perfectly fine with it. However,
there are certain individuals that aren’t into BDSM and simply prefer to be a
chastity slave.

The male
chastity slave isn’t like all those BDSM slaves in the fact that the rest of
their lives are completely normal. They aren’t expected to clean feet and be
used as a footstool or anything. They just can’t take off the chastity device
until they have pleasured their partner beyond imagination. Now, that doesn’t
really sound like a slave all that much, does it? After all, you get to have
all the sex you can possibly handle, and you will want to have as much as possible
because of the erotic feeling you get from wearing a device like this. Just try
it for a few days and you will completely understand.


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One thought on “Are You Ready to Be a Male Chastity

  1. I am a chastity slave and I have to say that what you have written is almost spot on as to the way I live my life. I do occasionally enjoy getting tied up and made to do things, but the rest of it is spot on. I have a normal everyday life just like anyone else out there; the only difference is that I tend to wear a chastity device that keeps me from getting an erection until I please my partner.
    You have to have a special mindset in order to really get the full understanding of what this lifestyle is all about. You won’t need to worry about being forced into anything that you aren’t comfortable with unless you have a really strict Mistress or anything. But you should be willing to try some things that you may not have ever tried out before. Part of the excitement of being a slave is in opening your mind enough to actually try things that might turn out to be quite interesting. That doesn’t me you have to, but that is what I have done and I love every second of my life now.