Becoming a Male Chastity Slave

I have been a male chastity slave for a few months now and I have to admit that it is rather interesting. I wasn’t exactly sure if this was going to be something that I could handle when I first started out, but I was bound and determined to at least give it a shot. I wanted to know what it would be like to try something completely different and this was about as different as I could come up with. Thankfully, I had a partner that was willing to try something different with me and that helped out a lot.

I will say that being a male chastity slave has shown me that there are still a lot of things in my life that I don’t understand fully. But at least I am getting the chance to figure some of it out along with my partner. It was a bit touch and go there for a while but, once we got into the hang of things; it wasn’t such a bad deal. I know there are some guys in the world that dive in to something like this with both feet, but I suggest taking it slow and learning as you go.

The two of us have learned a lot about being a male chastity slave over the months and we seem to be getting along better in our relationship because of it. I guess that there are times in your life when you will need to do something a bit out of the ordinary in order to fully recognize what it is in life you are missing. I found out that I was missing the chance to have a lot of fun in my life and that I could actually give up control and still be happy with it all.

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Learning to be a Good Male Chastity Slave

I have been a male chastity slave for a few months and it is one of the strangest and, yet, most satisfying things I have ever done in my entire life. I never thought I would have someone else in my life controlling whether or not I was going to be able to get an erection, but here I am. The person that I am a slave to controls every little aspect of whether or not I am going to get my device off so that I can have some fun or not. It is extremely bizarre but, oh, so much fun.

I don’t know any other male chastity slaves but I am sure that there are guys out there that feel the same way I do about this slave thing. I have often wondered if there is some sort of consortium of men that are all chastity slaves that might be getting together to discuss their lifestyle together. If there isn’t, I think there should be although I wouldn’t know how to get something like that started. I just think it would be cool to sit down with other slaves and talk about all the things we have gone through.


There are so many things about being a male chastity slave that I enjoy and so many more things I want to explore that it is driving me crazy. My partner doesn’t want me to go too fast, though, and is always doing things to slow the whole thing down. I think that control thing has gone to their head just a bit but, at least, they are still making it fun. There are even times when I am allowed to have my device taken off that I simply don’t know what to do without it. Those are the moments that confuse me the most these days. Eventually, I expect to achieve a good balance so the confusion will go away.


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Living as a Male Chastity Slave

I have been a male chastity slave for a number of years now and can’t really imagine living my life any other way. I know that some people look at me funny when I tell them that I live this lifestyle but that is okay. They just don’t understand what it’s like to give up that kind of control in their lives and not have to worry about what might happen to them. That is probably the most important part of being a slave to someone, especially when you throw in the sexual undertones that you are going to be dealing with.

As a male chastity slave, there are things that I had to get comfortable with even if I didn’t want to. Thankfully, I had a very good trainer and it wasn’t that difficult to get used to the needs that I had to please. The best thing is that when I do please my trainer, I am offered the limited release that I desperately need during our training sessions. Sometimes you want to keep that chastity device in place for as long as possible and, other times, you can only think about having it removed.


If you are interested in being a male chastity slave, then you will need to make sure the person you are with is interested in training you. You might be able to find a third party that will help with this, but I find it more entertaining if I am around my trainer all the time. This way you don’t have to schedule moments that the two of you can get together to have some fun. You can have those random sexual encounters that are so important with any relationship. Of course wearing a chastity device and being a slave means that it can happen at any time and any place that they two of you might be. That just adds a bit more excitement to the entire process.


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Understanding the Male Chastity Slave Life

Being a male chastity slave is a misunderstood lifestyle by most people. They think that all I do is sit around every day waiting for my Mistress to tell me what to do next. But that isn’t the case. I go about my everyday life just like anyone else in the world and I am happy to do so. When I get home I do all the normal things that any other guy would do and I’m not chained to a bedpost or living in a small cage. I am outwardly normal like anyone else but I have a chastity device locked in place.

The only way that a male chastity slave can get the chastity device taken off is if he pleases his Mistress, or Master, enough to have them remove it. It doesn’t have anything to do with bondage, usually; although there are genres of this lifestyle that does have a lot to do with bondage. For me, there is no bondage or anything like that involved, though. I just have to wait and try to sexually please my Mistress enough that she feels I have deserved to be let free of my little metal cage.


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Most male chastity slave guys will tell you that they are more than happy to lock themselves up for the person they care about the most. On the other hand, there are some that might have this lifestyle forced upon them in ways that they aren’t exactly happy with. They will learn to get used to it, though, and, once they are happy, they will see how beneficial it can truly be. However, I was not forced into it and I have seen the beneficial aspects of a chastity lifestyle since I heard and felt that lock click into place on my chastity device. It’s definitely something I think more guys out there should try.

Being a Modern Day Male Chastity Slave

Being a Modern Day Male Chastity Slave

Being a male chastity slave in the modern day isn’t as strange as it used to be. I am sure there was a time when a guy would have mentioned something about living this lifestyle and people would have not been too happy about it. But with so many people having open minds these days, it seems like there isn’t such a big deal when someone comes out and tells everyone. Granted, some of your family members probably won’t be all that excited to hear about it, but you don’t really have to walk in and tell them.  Visit

When I started telling people that I was a male chastity slave, most of them thought I was joking and the rest thought I was a pervert. It’s not very exciting to have your friends think that you are a pervert and they tell you they are busy every time you try to contact them to hang out for a while. I have yet to tell my family, although my cousin did see my chastity device once and asked me about it. I told him that it was none of his business and he shouldn’t be going through my dresser drawers when I wasn’t around.

If you think that being a male chastity slave is all fun and games, then you have never worn a chastity device. While it is fun to go through training and everything, there are times when it’s more of a hindrance than anything else. You really have to pick your moments to shine so that you can get your device taken off, though, and that is the hardest thing about this lifestyle. After all, you don’t really want to please your partner every single time you are playing. If you do that, then there really isn’t a reason to be wearing your device all the time.


Understanding a Male Chastity Slave


I thought
about being a male chastity slave once but wasn’t sure about the whole idea of
being forced to do things I didn’t want to do. I figured that it would end up
being like the hardcore BDSM lifestyle or something but, as it turns out, that
isn’t even close to what this is. I did some research on it and found out that
this lifestyle is something that looked to be rather interesting. At least that
was the picture I was getting from reading the information online about it.
That is what ended up changing my mind, too.

I have since
been a male chastity slave for a few months and it is quite exciting. I’m not
being treated like a sub-human or anything like that, which was a good thing. I
also found that my Master is rather a pleasant individual even when commanding
me to do things. We have a safe word set up, or rather a phrase actually, so
that if I am uncomfortable with anything, we can stop and go on to something a
bit different. So far we haven’t had to use that phrase at all, which is rather
interesting to me.

Since being
a, I have found ways of pleasing the person I am with like
never before. I always figured that what I was doing would be enough but, as it
turns out, I was completely wrong to think that way. You have to learn your
partner and what they enjoy doing and things like that takes time. You can’t
just rush into anything and expect them to be perfectly fine and happy with it.
The device that I wear has allowed me to control myself like never before as
well, which has come in handy on more than one occasion.

Male Chastity Slave vs. Submissive Sex Slave

Male Chastity Slave vs. Submissive Sex Slave

As a male
chastity slave, I have to say that it pains me to hear that some people think I
am simply submissive and am forced to wear my device. I am sure that there are
a lot of guys in the world that are doing just that, but I chose to wear this
device and my submissiveness has nothing to do with it. I am not one of those
guys that gets tied up and whipped if I am not using enough tongue pressure to
clean my Mistresses boots properly. I am a guy that does everything he can to
please his partner before being allowed to have the cage removed.

There is a
huge difference between a www.malechastityfetish.comslave and a submissive sex slave. A
quick look online will show you that the two aren’t even related as far as most
guys are concerned. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t be a submissive sex slave
and wear a chastity device to keep you in control. I know a few submissive guys
that do just that and they enjoy it quite a bit. But I am the type of guy that
gets to have fun while wearing my device.

I love being
a male chastity slave in that I have all the freedom in the world to do
whatever I want without being punished for it. I just can’t take my chastity
cage off until my partner is pleased enough to allow it. They hold the key
after all and the only way I can get my hands on it is by having them give it
to me. There is nothing submissive about it and I tend to be a lot better at
foreplay because of it. You have to understand that I do get to take my cage off
almost every single time now and that makes it even more worthwhile.

A Male Chastity Slave and Loving It

A Male Chastity Slave and Loving It

Being a male
chastity slave isn’t as difficult as some guys like to think it is. It’s not
like I am being forced to clean the kitchen floor with my toothbrush or risk
the punishing wrath of my Mistress. Instead, I am forced to make sure that my
owner is pleased sexually before I am allowed to take my cage off and feel the
same type of pleasure. For any guy that loves pleasing his partner, this is
something that will make it even more intense. You just have to make sure that
your partner is willing to put up with a bit of whining from you first.

The reason I
say you will be whining is that every male chastity slave goes through the experience
of having their cocks trying to get hard inside that cage. It doesn’t feel all
that great in the beginning and you will probably whine just a bit. You will
eventually get used to it and won’t be trying to get erections every time, but
that comes after a lot of practice. You have to get your body trained to accept
the fact that you are wearing a cage over your cock before you can truly
appreciate it.


I have been
a male chastity slave for a few years and there is no other fetish I have tried
that makes me feel as good as this one. I don’t have to worry about being
punished for anything that I do wrong and my partner is always satisfied, even
if I am not allowed the chance to remove my cage from my cock. It’s a difficult
role to explain to some people so I basically keep it a secret from friends and
family members. Besides, what family members really want to know what you’re
into sexually. On the other hand, my partner was more than excited to give it a
shot when I brought it up the first time. Give it a try and see what you and
your partner have been missing out on over the years.


Male Chastity Slave vs. Other Types of Slaves

Male Chastity Slave vs. Other Types of Slaves

A good male
chastity slave will make sure that everything they do is for the pleasure of
the person that owns them. It doesn’t matter what that owner asks them to do;
the slave is supposed to carry out the request with no questions. If something
like this sounds a bit too difficult for you to handle, then you might be
interested to know that a chastity slave isn’t the same as a sex slave or BDSM
slave. The owners of chastity slaves know exactly what it means to enjoy
pleasure and they aren’t exactly worried about the severe punishment aspect of

I have been
a male chastity slave for a while now and I find that this is probably the best
possible option for anyone that wants to give up control while still
maintaining their dignity to some degree. Not every guy is capable of living
this lifestyle, though, so you have to make sure you are aware of what you are
getting yourself into. You have to make sure that your owner knows what they
are doing as well to make things a bit easier on you overall. Finding the right
owner is probably the hardest part about this lifestyle.

When you
think about the differences between a male chastity slave and other sex slaves
you find that this is probably the least painful slave aspect. Some guys will
notice an amount of pain when it comes to wearing their device for the very
first time, but that usually only happens when you are trying to stop yourself
from getting an erection. On the other hand, the amount of pleasure you are
going to experience after you learn to control those urges you naturally have
will be well worth the effort. This is one of those lifestyle choices that you
really should at least try a couple of times to see if you can live your life
in that manner before making a full commitment to it.


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The Male Chastity Slave Experiment

The Male Chastity Slave Experiment

When I
decided to become a male chastity slave, I was looking for something that would
change my life and be exciting as well. Now I had looked at a few other things
to try out, but I felt that this would be something that I could really get
involved in and I wouldn’t have to be in charge of anything. I kind of like the
thought of giving up that control over the bedroom and allowing my partner to
tell me what needs to be done. All I had to do was convince him that it was
something that he would want to do as well.

It takes a
special type of guy to be a male chastity slave and accept the role as he
should. I found that out the hard way when I told my partner what my plan was
and he got a smile on his face. This wasn’t an “okay that sounds like fun type
of smile,” either. It was more of the” I knew it would finally come to this,
now prepare to be ruled over with an iron fist” type of smile. I actually was a
bit scared of what might be happening to me because of that smile.

My partner
has treated me like a perfect www.malechastityfetish.comslave in every way possible. He
hasn’t been overly mean or demanding and we have been able to explore our
sexuality together in ways that we never could have in the past. I definitely
think it was the best decision for us. I have learned a lot about my partner
and the things he likes that I never knew. This could definitely be something
that you would want to try out with your partner if the two of you can agree on
it. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to spice things up a bit in
their relationship. You’ll be happy that you did.