My Male Chastity Slave

My Male Chastity Slave

I have a male chastity slave; my husband, that I love to tease. I never get tired of the fact that I won’t allow him to take off his cage. He seems to get a bit upset by all of this, but I think he secretly enjoys it almost as much as I do. At least I feel that is why he continues to mess up the instructions I give him every day. Either that or he really isn’t all that smart. Since I have never known him without the chastity device on I wouldn’t really be able to tell.

My male chastity slave husband and I actually met during a chastity party that a friend of mine was throwing. We have been together ever since then and the only thing that has really changed is the type of device I make him wear. We get along really well but I think he enjoys me taking charge of everything in his life. I’m sure that if he didn’t enjoy everything I was allowing him to do, then he would say something to me about it. Although, I would probably punish him for speaking out of turn or something.

However you want to look at it, I enjoy having fun with my male chastity slave husband. I think every woman out there should have a husband that wears a chastity cage and obeys all of the orders that are given to them. Let these women experience what it’s like to have that kind of power for once. I bet their husbands and boyfriends would think twice about some of the things they have been doing in their lives. I know that my husband wouldn’t be out at all hours of the night with his friends after a few hours wearing my punishment device that I picked out with the spikes in it.

Being an Internet Male Chastity Slave


Being a male chastity slave has always been a part of my life that I tried to keep people from knowing about. I knew that my friends and family simply wouldn’t understand why I would want to live in this manner and they would probably disown me for it. But deep down I wanted to have this kind of control over me. I wanted to give up everything in order to make that one special person happy. Finding that person has been a rough road to walk, though, until the internet came into my life and opened my eyes to a brand new world.

I realized that being a male chastity slave online could be just as intimate as being one in real life, although not quite as fun, I suppose. But I gave it a shot and found someone that was willing to train me and keep me as their own. That relationship lasted for a few years and was one of the best times of my life. Still, I felt like I was missing out on things that you can only get with someone actually being in the same room as you. So I looked for someone else to take over.

It turns out that there are numerous male chastity slave sites online that are based in cities around the world. I was able to find one based on the city I live in and within a few months met someone that I could be a full-fledged slave to. We took our time before meeting and made sure it was in public for the first time. It has definitely proved to be better than only doing these things online, too. If you are looking to get involved in something like this, then you should think about checking some sites out like the one I found. It might just be all you need.


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