Meant to be a Male Chastity Slave

Meant to be a Male Chastity Slave

I have been
a male chastity slave for a few years now and I can honestly say that this is
the best lifestyle I have ever chosen. I have tried my fair share of fetishes
over the years and some of them I enjoyed while others just didn’t do anything
for me. But this fetish has taken my sexual experiences to a completely
different level and there is no way I am going to give it up just yet. I want
to explore this lifestyle in all possible ways to see where else it could take
me in the future.

I absolutely
love being a male chastity slave as there is nothing else like it out there. I
have even tried being a BDSM slave and never felt as comfortable as I do right
now as a chastity slave. The funny thing is that the whole BDSM thing is what
started me down the road to being a chastity slave. My Mistress decided that I
should wear a chastity cage as a punishment once because I got an erection
before she granted me permission. That was the moment when I became hooked in
wearing these devices and I started looking into being a slave soon after that.



My Mistress
wasn’t too happy with me becoming someone else’s male chastity slave but since
she wasn’t able to train me the way that I was needed; I just couldn’t stick
with her. I enjoyed being with her but I wanted the true chastity slave
experience and that wasn’t something she was prepared to do. But I have an
owner now that knows what she is doing and is capable of putting the time into
it. I have been a chastity slave long enough that I know for a fact this is the
lifestyle that I was meant to be living.

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Shortage of Male Chastity Slave Trainers

Shortage of Male Chastity Slave Trainers

I thought about being a male chastity slave for a
while but never could find anyone that would be willing to take me under their
tutelage. I was so desperate to find someone that I even started trolling forums
trying to find someone that would be willing to lock me in a cage and throw
away the key. Now I did find a couple of people that would have been more than
willing, but they lived thousands of miles away from me and insisted that I
pack up everything and move to them; as a good slave should want to do as one
guy told me.

I am sure that if I lived in a bigger city I would
already be a male chastity slave and I wouldn’t be worrying about it as much as
I am right now. I could freely wear my chastity device and be taught the proper
ways of how a slave should be acting, but that isn’t what is happening. I even
put a personals ad in the newspaper in the hopes of being able to find someone
and I didn’t even get one single replay to it. Sometimes I wonder if I am living
in the wrong town altogether.

I have read a lot of information about being a male
chastity slave, but I can’t actually do all the things that I need to do
without having someone there for me. I need to have my hand held so that I can
walk through each step one at a time and learn my place like every good slave
should have to do. But not being able to find anyone to help me with that means
that I am stuck in a rut that I just can’t seem to climb my way out of just
yet. Well, the way I see it is that if I’m meant to walk this path in life,
there will be a way presented to me to do so.

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Understanding the Role of a Male Chastity Slave

Understanding the Role of a Male Chastity Slave

The role of
the male chastity slave is fairly simple; wear a chastity device and have your
partner tease you until you can’t handle it anymore and hope that you get a
chance to take your cage off at some point during the festivities. That may
sound fairly simple to most guys interested in this sort of lifestyle, but you
would be surprised at how difficult something like this could be if you aren’t
used to being under the control of someone else. Thankfully enough, I ended up
getting used to it the longer I was involved in it. Now it is fairly easy for

I know a
couple of other male chastity slave guys in my neighborhood that had a hard
time getting used to living this lifestyle, but once they found their rhythm,
they saw just how simple it all is. Those first couple of steps that you have
to take on this journey will show you exactly what kind of man you are deep
down inside and whether or not you can handle it all. It’s truly amazing the
type of things guys like me will go through in order to find that moment of
happiness that has been so elusive.

The male
chastity slave lifestyle is one of those choices in life that you simply can’t
take back once you get involved in it. You may think that you are simply going
to try it out one night to see if it’s something you can take control of, but
that isn’t what will happen. Trying it out even once means that you are going
to be hooked into this lifestyle for the rest of your life. It’s the cold hard
truth of what being a chastity slave is all about and it’s something that you
will enjoy more and more every time you are with your partner.
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Male chastity slave and his tiny little penis

You see,
before I agreed to become her male chastity slave, I was one of those guys that couldn’t last eight seconds in
the bedroom. Once my cock started to slide into her pussy I would start to cum
and it didn’t matter how much foreplay was involved beforehand. I just couldn’t
be the man that she wanted me to be even after trying all those pills and
lotions to keep myself erect for her. None of that stuff ever worked so we
decided to go this route and it has worked wonderfully for us both.

When she
comes home from work she is wet and ready to play with me and being the male chastity slave that I am I have to
accept her advances and punishments. Sure, it took a while for us to get to
where we are now. She was never very dominant in life before, and it was hard
for her to take control of my every action. In the beginning, I had to
constantly tell her it was okay to punish me or to make me do things that she
wanted me to do. She really is a great woman, as far as I am concerned. for the hottest and largest selection of male chastity gear.

We may have
both had some difficulties at first and being a male chastity slave to someone that isn’t sure what they are doing
can be draining at times, but we have worked through all of this, and now we
both know our places. She loves the fact that I have a separate cage in the
bedroom so that I can watch her masturbate in front of me every night before
she falls asleep. It’s actually one of the hottest things I have been able to
witness, and it makes her so happy that I can’t do anything about it.

When I first
started being her male chastity slave,
we had to find a cage that would contain my cock. I don’t want to brag or
anything, but my cock is approximately 10 inches long and fairly thick. That is
part of the reason why I was so upset about not being able to keep things under
control any better than I could. She was a bit upset about that, too, but we
were able to find a dildo that just about matches my length and girth, and she
uses it all the time.

However, finding
a male chastity slave cage that will
fit my cock is a fairly difficult thing to do. Not too many guys with a cock
this size needs to wear a cage, apparently, but we were lucky enough to find a
couple of chastity cages from that could handle the situation. I
tried a few others, but they always ended up breaking or being too small to the
point that I couldn’t get them on completely. Now, I have my chastity cages
from, and everything is going great in our relationship, as
strange as it might appear to other people out there.

I should
tell you that there are times when I am let out of my cage and get to go places
with her. Being a male chastity slave
doesn’t mean that I am left alone in a dark room until called upon. It just
means that when it comes to the sexual aspects, I have to please her in any way
she deems necessary even if that means she has me bent over with a dildo in my
ass as I suck and lick on her clit until she cums. I do love those moments in

If you are looking to become a male chastity slave, then you should
probably start out on the mellow side of it all and work up to where I am now.
A lot of guys think it would be awesome to be used as a sex slave for their
girlfriend or wife, but that isn’t what this is. I do not get to have
intercourse with my Mistress, but she gets to have quite a bit with me. Unless
you are a guy that loves anal play, then you might not enjoy being a male chastity slave for very long. It
can be rough sometimes, but as long as she is happy, that is all that matters. extreme mens swimwear, spandex cock display, penis and ball stretchers, Lycra sex wear, anal wear, male chastity cages, male to female transformation designs and so much more. Get ready to be arroused.


Me and my tiny cock locked up in a Manless ultra sissy cock cage