Being a Male Chastity Slave Takes Courage

Male Chastity Slave

Being a Male Chastity Slave Takes Courage

While many people look at being a male chastity
slave as taking somewhat of a wimpy and cowardly personality. The truth of the
matter is, though, that a chastity slave is actually a very brave man. He has
made the scary decision to turn over his total sexual pleasure to another
person. That takes a great deal of trust in order to do that. This is one of
the reasons that it’s highly recommended that your Owner is someone that you
know because, otherwise, you may not be able to trust that person.

A male chastity slave has to give up his sexual
freedom because he won’t be making those decisions for himself any longer. His
Owner/Key Holder decides when he gets to remove his chastity device and when
he’s allowed to have some true sexual release. In the meantime, he’s instructed
to satisfy his Owner’s/Key Holder’s desires in whatever way they have chosen
for him to perform this. Typically, the satisfaction is delivered through oral
means but other times various toys are involved. The point is that he must do
this while not being allowed to get an erection himself. Nothing takes more
courage than that.


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