Deciding to be a Male Chastity Slave


Deciding to be a Male Chastity Slave

Being a male
chastity slave is not something that every man in the world should be involved
in. If you have a hard time giving up control over things like your sex life,
then you aren’t going to enjoy being a chastity slave. On the other hand, if
you see it as a new adventure that you can learn from and enjoy, then this
might be something you want to try as soon as humanly possible. All you have to
do is talk to your partner about what you expect out of an experience of this
nature and see if they are interested as well.

It might
help convincing your partner to take you on as a male chastity slave if they
were able to see some aspects of what they can get out of it. Thankfully, there
are plenty of sites online that deal with the chastity slave aspect in a
relationship, and it might be a good idea to go through these sites together.
It will help them understand more about the lifestyle change you want to
experience and show them all the fun that they are going to be able to have
with it. It’s a very good way of acclimating them to this type of lifestyle as


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The Devotion of a Male Chastity Slave


The Devotion of a Male Chastity Slave

I have been
a male chastity slave for a few years now and find that I can’t really do
anything without wearing my chastity device. I know it’s a bit strange to think
that I can’t live my life without having a chastity device on, but that is what
has happened in my life. I live for my slave owner and my chastity device, so I
have to wear it all the time. Even those few moments in my life where I am not
wearing my device still makes me think about how much more comfortable I am
inside of it; nice and safe.

If you are
looking to be a male chastity slave, then you need to make sure that you can
wear your device for months on end. Your owner isn’t going to allow you to take
it off just because you aren’t in the same room with them after all. You have
to wear that device for as long as possible, and once you accept that, you will
find your life be transformed into something miraculous. I found that
miraculous feeling after about a week of agony and despair, but that is what I
had to work my way through in order to find my true place in life. It was worth
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The Best Male Chastity Slave

The Best Male Chastity Slave

I just
recently had another session with one of my favorite male chastity slaves, and I am in a very good mood
tonight. It’s amazing how having someone in a cock cage seems to make my day so
much brighter and my nights so much kinkier. The good news is that this
particular slave knows exactly how to satisfy me even when I am not in the mood
to be satisfied. The bad thing about that is that he always gets to take his
cage off and have his way with me. Not that I complain too much about it,

The fact
that he can please me every time we are together isn’t all that strange. The
fact that he is the only chastity slave out of all the ones that I have now or
have had in the past is a bit strange, though. You would think that there would
be at least a couple more guys out there that would be able to please me more
often than once a month. Of course, those guys usually enjoyed wearing their
cages more than anything else, and this slave is determined to have his taken
off as often as possible.

He even told
me that he wouldn’t be staying in his male chastity device very long when we
first met. He said that while he enjoyed wearing his device for long periods of
time, I was too sexy for him not to do everything in his ability to make sure
that I was pleased. I figured he was just trying to be cute, but it turns out
that every task I have given him was done with a perfection that no man should
actually possess these days. The scary thing about it is the fact that he
really is good in bed.

Why he would
want to wear a chastity device is beyond me, but I do enjoy it when he gets to
take it off. Most of the slaves that I have aren’t as focused on the sessions
like this one. They tend to drift off when they are performing their tasks,
even when those tasks are to please me in a sexual manner. Sometimes it becomes
quite a pain in the ass when they drift off like that. It would annoy you, too,
if they were supposed to be giving you oral and suddenly started thinking about
a football game or something.

I tend to
set tasks that most of my male chastity slaves can accomplish fairly easily to
make things simple for them. But with this slave, I have to think of more
drastic tasks for him to perform. The easy ones just don’t make any sense when
he finishes them so quickly. So this time I had him out washing my car. I know
that doesn’t sound like something that would be difficult to do. After all,
everyone washes their car at one point or another; but I found a way to make it
a bit more interesting for him.

You see,
even though I don’t follow that whole humiliation aspect of owning a chastity
slave, there are times when it comes in handy. For him, the humiliation aspect
is actually needed in order to make the tasks a bit more daunting to complete.
That is why I had him washing my car dressed up like a cheerleader while
wearing only his chastity cage under his skirt. I also made him use a
toothbrush to clean my tires, but he wasn’t allowed to get down on the ground
to do it. Instead, he had to bend over so everyone could see his ass under that

I felt that by
doing this while he was wearing his male
chastity slave
 device, it would make him falter in some way and not be able to
finish. Then I would get to punish him by making him continue to wear that
chastity device of his. Unfortunately, wearing a cheerleaders outfit in public
while washing my car didn’t faze him in the least. In fact, he seemed like he
was highly enjoying himself, even when being whistled at by teenage boys
driving by. So, he got to have the key when he was done.

I know that
it’s not right for me to be upset that he always gets the key, but I would love
to be able to find something that he isn’t capable of doing perfectly so that I
can make him go at least one time without getting the cage off. It just seems
to me that the idea of being a chastity slave is to have to wear the device,
and he hardly ever wears it when he is around me. Sure, he wears it when he
goes home until he comes back, but that isn’t what the lifestyle is about.

I do enjoy the
fact that he tells me he doesn’t have to take it off all the time or how he
could help me plan out some male chastity slave tasks for him that he might not be
able to accomplish. But that defeats the purpose of everything as far as I am
concerned. I am the one that is supposed to come up with something for him to
do in the hopes that he won’t be able to please me; not him. I have even tried
to lie about being pleased, but that never works, either.

I went as
far as trying to hide the pleasure on my face by putting on a mask so that he
couldn’t see that I was pleased, and it failed miserably. I just knew that I
was going to have him walking out of my place still wearing that cock cage, but
he saw right though the lie. He told me that if I wasn’t pleased with him, then
he would have to try again and again until I was pleased. I tried to tell him
that there would be no chance of him succeeding, but he wouldn’t listen.

After the
third time of doing the same thing over and over again, I finally had to tell
him that he was doing it perfectly and that I was indeed pleased with him. He
got a smile on his face and told me that it would have been easier if I had
just said so the first time instead of trying to get him to keep wearing his
device. I failed miserably at lying to him, and you would think that I would be
able to do that simply because he is my slave.

I do enjoy
having him as a slave, though. My home has never been this clean before and I
tend to find ways of messing it up before he gets here. In fact, I ended up dumping
over my trash can in the kitchen before tonight so that he had another little
task to do after washing my car. Naturally, I made him take off the cheerleader
costume and do it in the nude, but after he was done I swear I could have eaten
off that floor. It’s really sad when you can’t trip up your own slave and force
him to be punished.

Anyone that
is looking at having their own male chastity slave is going to have to keep
things like this in mind. You never know which slave is going to end up being the
best behaved and perfect task manager ever. You are going to have lots of
slaves that are crappy at following orders that you will have to deal with, but
sometimes you get one that is absolutely perfect in every way. It’s annoying,
but it’s something you are going to have to live with if you want to continue
to live this kind of lifestyle.

No matter
what you might think about having a slave, you are going to be surprised at how
well some of them behave. This is completely different from the BDSM lifestyle,
though. The slaves that you have in that lifestyle will do everything they can
to make your life miserable in the hopes that they can be punished. But with male
chastity. they are doing everything they can to make sure that they get their
cage taken off at some point or another. You have to prepare for this in every
way that you can, but it’s definitely worth the extra effort.

I have spent
a lot of time trying to figure out the perfect tasks for my slave and failed
every time to keep him in his chastity device. I honestly think it’s some kind
of game between us to see whether or not it’s actually something that I am able
to do. I admit that he keeps me on my toes. and I think that is the main reason
why I keep him around. Sure, it isn’t the typical slave owner relationship that
you might be thinking of, but it works for us. I think that the two of us will
be together for a very long time, and I have no problems with that happening.
In fact, I think that he will be the one slave I keep around for the longest
period of time; and that is always good for me.


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Finding the Perfect Male Chastity Slave


Finding the Perfect Male Chastity Slave

A good male
chastity slave will do everything they can to make sure that you are pleased
beyond belief. These kinds of slaves aren’t going to just fall into your lap,
though. You have to find a slave that is willing to be trained and wants to be
forced to wear a chastity device for long periods of time. That is a bit harder
than you might think, though, so you need to take your time when searching for
your perfect slave. Never just accept the first guy you come across as being a
potential slave as that can bring up all kinds of harsh realities.

Looking for
a male chastity slave is pretty easy these days. You can troll the Internet and
find all kinds of guys that will be more than happy to be your slave for as
long as they can last. Of course, most of these men aren’t going to be the best
possible candidates for you. Even though there are a lot of guys out there that
are willing to live this lifestyle with you, it doesn’t mean that they are
going to be right for your needs and wishes. It takes a bit of patience, but
it’s definitely worth your time.


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Training your Partner to Let you be a Male Chastity Slave


Training your Partner to Let you be a Male Chastity Slave

If being a
male chastity slave is something that you are really interested in, then you
need to find a partner that is as interested as you are. If your partner isn’t
all that interested in being your owner, then you might find that being a slave
isn’t all that promising. So how do you go about telling your partner that you
would like to be their slave in a chastity device? Well, obviously communication
is a very strong tool in a relationship, so you need to start there. If you
don’t, then it’s just going to be awkward.

Being a male
chastity slave is hard enough, but trying to do it when your partner isn’t
aware of what it is can pretty much be impossible. You need to sit them down
and explain to them exactly what you are attempting to do with this lifestyle
change. They are also going to need to do some research in order to figure out
how they are supposed to treat you and what they need to do in order to control
your sexual urges. If you don’t take care of this issue up front, you aren’t
going to end up having all that much fun in the end.