Becoming a Male Chastity Slave

Chastity Slave

a Male Chastity Slave

If you’ve been into male chastity for a while now,
you may feel that you’re ready to go to the next level and become a male
chastity slave. Before you make that final commitment, you should probably
understand that there’s quite a difference between being a chastity slave and
just being involved in the male chastity lifestyle. The biggest difference is
in the fact that as someone that wears a male chastity device, you’ve got a bit
of say in how that all goes. Even your Key Holder will most likely work with
you as in when you get to take off the device and have some real fun. Male
chastity is really just to help you gain some self-discipline in your life and
learn more about what it means to please someone else more than yourself.

To be a www.koalaswim.comslave is to totally give up
all sexual pleasure unless your Mistress, Master or Owner deems it right that
you should have it. You’ll basically be spending all of your time pleasing the
person that you’re in service to. That’s why they call it being a slave. So you
should consider that when making the decision to try it out or not. It’s not
going to be anything that you ever dreamed it would be.


Differences in Male Chastity Slave lifestyles

Male Chastity Slave

Differences in Male Chastity Slave

The typical
male chastity slave will find that wearing items that they have no control over
will increase their sexual tension drastically. The aspect of giving total
sexual control over to another person has been a mainstay in the BDSM lifestyle
for decades, but the prospect of not allowing someone to get even an erection
is something that only the chastity slave will ever have to go through. There
are some BDSM fetishists in existence that have started to incorporate the
chastity device in their sessions, but they aren’t wearing them nearly as long
as the chastity slave would wear.

You are also
not going to find very many BDSM slaves that will wear a chastity device out of
free will either. Most chastity slaves are the ones that bring the chastity
fetish into the relationship to begin with. They are the ones that want to try
something different and new, whereas the BDSM slaves are usually forced to wear
these items because their Master or Mistress has deemed it necessary for their
training. No matter which way you look at it, though; there are benefits to
both ways of thinking when it comes to wearing a chastity device. But wearing
it because you want to is much better.


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Show Your Devotion by Becoming a Male Chastity Slave

Chastity Slave

Your Devotion by Becoming a Male Chastity Slave

Granted, not every man is meant to be a male
chastity slave, but there are probably just as many men that need to be chastity slaves. These guys
simply don’t know self-control when it comes to denying themselves instant
self-gratification just because their cocks got hard. You need to know how to
fight off those feelings that seem to accompany random erections or you’ll find
yourself in some of the most compromising situations that anyone has ever experienced.
Or maybe you’re one of those self-centered and selfish guys when it comes to
sexually pleasing your partner and you don’t do one thing to insure that he or
she is satisfied.  If that’s your
particular problem, then it’s time to look into what it takes to be a male
chastity slave.

Chastity slaves learn a lot about pleasing their
partners once they enter the lifestyle. If they don’t do as they’re told, they
never get to come out of their cages or whatever devices they’re locked into.
That’s why the best thing you can do to show your love and devotion is by
becoming a chastity slave. Then you can learn exactly how to control those
sudden hard ons as well as how to use them once you’re allowed to remove your
device so that you can fully enjoy them.


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Trust is Vital in Male Chastity Slave Lifestyle

Male Chastity Slave

Trust is Vital in Male Chastity Slave

When it
comes to being a male chastity slave, there are a few things that you will need
to take into consideration. The first thing is that you are going to have to
make sure that you are willing to subjugate yourself to the wishes of your
partner. Now, this might not seem like such a bad idea to you at first, but you
might find out that wearing a device like this for days at a time can be quite
unsettling to say the least. If you aren’t ready for something like this, then
being a chastity slave probably isn’t something that is going to work out for

The next
thing about being a male chastity slave is the fact that you have to absolutely
trust the person that you are with. Your freedom depends on whether or not the
person that is holding your key is going to be fair. If you are with someone
that may not give you that key, then how are you going to get out of your
device without damaging it or hurting yourself in the process? Your Owner needs
to be someone that you can trust with every ounce of your being in order to
gain any benefits from this lifestyle.


What it Means to be a Male Chastity Slave

Male Chastity Slave

What it Means to be a Male Chastity

If you have
never heard about being a male chastity slave, then you are probably wondering
what it means. Of course, most men will hear the word slave in a sexual
connotation and assume that they are going to be chained to the bedpost all
hours of the day and night. That isn’t exactly what being a chastity slave is
about, though. You are pretty much free to do whatever you want as a chastity
slave, but you aren’t going to get your device taken off unless you please your
owner. That is what it means to be a chastity slave these days.

Being a male
chastity slave means that you are going to be locked up in your chastity device
until your Owner or Key Holder decides to let you out of it. If you don’t take
the time to please them, then there is a good chance that they aren’t going to
give you the ley to unlock it. That means you will have to try harder the next
time to make the right decisions in order to get set free. You can choose to
wear your device or you can choose to have it unlocked. You just need to be
willing to please your owner first.


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My Thoughts on Male Chastity

My Thoughts on Male Chastity

I have been
involved in the male chastity lifestyle
for a few years now and I have to admit that I have never been happier in my
life. Sure, it was a bit difficult when I first started to wear chastity devices.
There were times when I literally tried to pull the device off because I
couldn’t handle having it on all the time, but those times have passed and I am
more comfortable than ever. Having an understanding partner is extremely
helpful as well since I am encouraged to wear my device for them.

Now, I am
not a chastity slave as you might think. I am free to take my device off
whenever I want to since I now carry a key in my wallet. But I prefer to leave
my device on for as long as I possibly can so that I can please my partner as
much as possible. I love the fact that I can do things to him that I never
thought of doing before to make him happy and not worry about what I want out
of our sexual encounters anymore. Before, it was all about penetration with me,
but not anymore.

Now that I
am in control of my life with my male
device I can easily find ways of making my partner happy without
even trying. I find it very pleasing myself to hear him squeal right before he
cums. That is probably my favorite thing to make him do these days and I was
never able to do that to him before wearing a chastity device. I always wanted
to hurry up for the good part where I was the one doing all the squealing. Truthfully,
all of the devices that I now wear has led me to the conclusion that there is
more to life than I thought.

You see I
have always been a sex addict, in general. I can’t tell you how many times I
have been caught watching porn with my cock in my hand. But now that I have a
device that keeps me from getting an erection, and I am used to wearing it all
the time, I no longer do that. I haven’t watched a single porn video in almost
two years now and it doesn’t bother me in the least. In fact, I think it is
quite nice that I don’t have the urge to watch porn at work anymore, and so
does my boss.

Wearing a male chastity device has brought my
partner and me closer together as well. There was a time when I would leave him
at the club to use the restroom and end up having sex with someone else before
going back to him at the bar. I wasn’t proud of doing that, but it was a
compulsion that I didn’t have control over at the time. He never knew about it,
but I always felt bad afterward and couldn’t tell him how sorry I was that I
could be such a pig.

Now, the two
of us can go out to the club and no matter how drunk I get I am perfectly
capable of not having sex with other guys in the restroom. In fact, the thought
never crosses my mind that there are any other guys in that club besides my
partner. I can say it was difficult to get to that mindset at first, but it’s
much easier now that I have my own urges under control. It’s all about pleasing
my partner now and no one else.

There are
times when I drag my partner into the restroom and beg for the key to take my male chastity cage off with so that the
two of us can get it on, but we usually try to do that sort of thing at home as
much as possible. The main thing to remember is that there is no way that I am
going to be able to do anything with any other guy out there because I have
trained myself to please my partner and no one else. That is something a lot
more men need to do in my opinion.

So if you
are interested in trying to see if you can handle wearing something like this,
then you need to find a device that is simple to put on while also being effective.
I tried going with something that was outrageously complicated and it is still
sitting in the bottom of my sock drawer. I had to purchase something that I was
comfortable wearing, but also something that I could get on and off without any
hassles. This is vitally important, so you should remember this above everything
else you take away with you from this writing.

There is
nothing worse than getting your male
device home and finding out that you aren’t able to figure out how
to wear it correctly. It is also extremely embarrassing when you think you have
it on the right way and, halfway through your day, the thing falls off because
you didn’t have the locking mechanism put together the right way. Yes, I have
done this and it is not fun trying to get out of a business meeting because
your chastity cage is starting to come out the bottom of your pant leg. Try
explaining that to your boss and see how far you get.

Once you
have the right size and you know how to get it on and off, you will be ready to
fully invest your effort into remaining chaste with it on. I made my partner
hold the key for me to begin with and slowly earned my own trust to where I
could hold it for emergencies. It takes a lot of willpower to get to something
like that and if you are one of those guys that has no willpower, wearing
www.koalaswim.comis going to help. But you should have a way of keeping that
key out of reach so that you aren’t taking it off all the time with your lack
of will. That’s the only way to truly learn your lesson.

The Purpose of a Male Chastity Slave

Male Chastity Slave

The Purpose of a Male Chastity Slave

The male
chastity slave inside of you knows that you aren’t going to be happy in your
life until you give in and purchase a device. You can try to hide it all you
want, but deep down inside, you know that you want to try on a chastity device
and be forced to please your partner for as long as they decide you should. You
may have control in every other aspect of your life, but when it comes to your
sexual gratification, the only control you are going to get is with the use of
your tongue.

As a make
chastity slave, you will be required to do whatever your owner wants you to do
in regards to their sexual gratification. You aren’t going to be able to get
your freedom from your device until your owner is pleased completely. That’s
why it is very important to make sure that you do everything you can to make
them happy. If you perform your duties the right way, you could be out of your
cage in no time at all. Of course, that means you have to be man enough to let
go of everything you hold dear and focus on someone else for a change.  cock gear and cages

A Male Chastity Slave Also Thinks for himself

Male Chastity Slave

A Male Chastity Slave Also Thinks for

As a male
chastity slave I find it rather insulting that there are people that actually
think that I am not capable of having any ideas of my own. In fact, becoming a
slave was my idea to begin with and I actually had to talk my partner into it.
Since my partner is new to the slave lifestyle, I had to train them as to what
needed to be done and show them exactly what to do in regards to my training as
well. Just because I am a slave doesn’t mean that I don’t have some say in what
I am wearing, either.

I know that
there might be a slave out there that is locked away in a secret
closet only to be let out for his owner’s amusement, but that doesn’t happen
quite as often as you might think. The aspect of wearing a chastity device is
the basic slave requirement, but everything else is collaboration on both
sides. If you are a chastity slave and you don’t like what is happening, then
say something and see if it can be changed into something you enjoy a bit more.
It doesn’t hurt to ask unless your owner is into BDSM. That’s an entirely
different lifestyle with different rules.

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A Good Male Chastity Slave Always Pleases His Owner

Male Chastity Slave

A Good Male Chastity Slave Always
Pleases His Owner

Every good
male chastity slave out there will be willing to do whatever is needed to make
their owner happy. Even if that means the impromptu servicing of that owner
whenever they request it. Now for a lot of men, having your partner want a
quickie in the afternoon is something to be very happy with, but for the
chastity slave, it isn’t about how you feel about it at all. It’s all about
what your owner wants you to do to them and how fast you can get to their side
to do it.

This can be
difficult for the male chastity slave that might be at work when their owner
calls on them to perform their duties. Of course, an understanding owner will
know that you can’t just take off work to come home and sexually please them.
They will wait until their slave gets home and pounce on them at the door. Many
chastity slaves know what that is like. Of course, the eager slave will be more
than willing to drop whatever they are carrying in their hands in order to
please their owner and possibly have the cage removed for even an hour or so of

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A Male Chastity Slave Needs a Break once in a while

Male Chastity Slave

A Male Chastity Slave Needs a Break
Once in a While

The typical
male chastity slave will come to recognize when they are about to do something
that will inevitably lead to getting their cages taken off. Now, some of those
slaves will sabotage themselves so that they have to keep wearing the cage
because they think it pleases their owner. While there are some owners that it
will please, others realize that occasionally you need to take your cage off
and relax a bit. The ones that don’t sabotage themselves will do whatever it
takes to make sure they get their cage taken off for a decent amount of time.

The male
chastity slave that sabotages themselves will do anything to make sure that
their owner stays as happy as possible. They don’t want to risk displeasing
them for any reason even at the detriment of their happiness and comfort. It
takes a very special type of guy to be willing to do something like that for
another person without thinking about themselves in the process. If you aren’t
ready for that type of commitment to this lifestyle, then you should probably
think about being a casual slave for your partner until you are ready to take
things to the next level.