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Inside the Life of Male Chastity Slave

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I once had an opportunity to talk to a male chastity slave only because I’m
really fond of talking to people and asking them random questions about life.
So in this one instance, I got to ask a slave about his life and what he does
and if he enjoys that kinds of things he’s asked to do.


To my surprise that male chastity slave told me that he’s not really indifferent with
the life that he chose to live because he didn’t become a sex slave because he
needed money. He’s doing what he’s doing because he’s really good at it and
people have told me the same thing many times over. Other than this, he has
also developed a certain kind of passion for himself.


I think it’s important that before you
decide to become a male chastity slave,
you really have to be open about your sexuality and your sexual preferences
because this is the only way for you to enjoy and love what you’re really
doing. It’s going to be a great opportunity for people like you and me because
it’s going to open more doors in the future especially when it comes to sex.


Male chastity slave using anal stretching g-string

Male Chastity Slave

Being a male chastity slave is something that
you are going to have to take very seriously, especially if this is your first
time trying it out. This is a lifestyle that you are going to have to choose to
be a part of rather than something you can dabble in whenever you have some
free time. You will be expected to meet your obligations with your Mistress or
Master on their schedule and deal with all of your personal issues when you
have the free time given to you by them.

Because being
a male chastity slave is more like a
full time job for some guys, it’s a good idea to do some research into the
lifestyle and the devices that are available for you to wear. This means
spending some time online looking through sites that will give you details in
how you are supposed to act while you are in slave mode. You will also need to
look at sites like in order to find devices that you can wear on
a regular basis that won’t give away the fact that you have your cock locked up
in your pants.

If you are
only curious about being a male chastity
then you can read the information that is online, but you probably
shouldn’t immediately go out and find someone to own you. You might end up not
asking the right questions and find yourself on the wrong end of a dog collar
and riding crop. Take the time to do your research and find out what it’s all
about before jumping in with both feet and no life jacket. It will save you
time and give you a better understanding of this lifestyle before you end up
looking like a complete fool while trying to find the right Mistress or Master
for your needs.


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Get Paid as Male Chastity Slave

Get Paid as Male Chastity Slave


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One of the best things I’ve enjoyed as a male chastity slave is to be paid for what I do. Imagine doing
something you love, something you’re really good at, and getting paid for it?
In fact, if only my secret identity is no secret, I would probably just give up
my current job and pursue this newfound passion for becoming a slave. It will
really be a great experiment for my self and my values.


As a male chastity slave,
you can also meet a lot of people. I’ve had sex with all types of people I must
admit. Some have really large and hard dicks while others need a little more
effort in order to be satisfied. Others like it rough, while others like it
pretty gentle and I am really good with any because at first glance, I have
figured a way of knowing what these guys really want. It used to be an exciting
hit or miss thing but I am through with that.


And if I must say, as a male chastity slave, I have been
receiving a generous amount of money that I never thought would be possible. I
have fulfilled my dreams and have satisfied the desires of a lot of people too.
If you’ll ask me if I’m worried about anything I would have to say no because I
always make it a point to be safe

Male Chastity Slave Story

Male Chastity Slave Story
A male chastity slave
like me should be the type of guy who is open to anything, and I mean anything
and everything. Living this kind of life is, I believe the most exciting life
you can ever live. If you have watched any movies in the past that they say
lives of kings and queens are the best, I would have to disagree because mine
truly is.


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As a male chastity slave,
the expectations other guys have on you is pretty high but that shouldn’t be a
problem at all. It all comes naturally to you to be playful and mature at the
same time. The only problem is that, you should also be game for everyone out
there. But what if I get attached to one particular guy and decide to fall in
love with him for good?

Male chastity slave cock gear by extreme sex wear

Male chastity slave cock gear by


I don’t think that’s a problem. In fact, that will make sex even
more exciting as ever and I would like to experience that. But in the meantime,
I think I am good and have been doing my very best as a male chastity slave. I live how it pays the bills too, you know.


Male chastity slave public penis showing

Men like to tease too if you should know. Men may not
always be vocal of what they think or what they feel. But deep inside those
thoughts, are numerous ideas and wild imagination that he would like to explore
with you. One of the many is wearing a male
chastity slave
device. You may be surprised one day when he would be the
one to ask you to get one and put it on him. Or better yet, surprise him with
one and see the reaction and be surprised.


The male chastity
cage and hot items are not for everyone. Some men would not try that
but others who are more experimental and more adventurous would want to try and
feel it at least once.  Give it a try
once and see for yourself. Try the more subtle types of chastity item, no need
to jump straight to the cage and lock devices at once. Get the skimpy and tiny
ones with the rings and straps. This will be finding to try first, and then get
on with the more hardcore once you enjoy its use. It will be a continuous
discovery for you and your lover as there are so many items available for you

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to try.


Male chastity gear by mens swimwear

Male chastity slave and being a sissy

Just the idea of becoming a male chastity slave is definitely
exciting. I wanted to be one but couldn’t gather up the courage to do so. I was
quite interested in finding the right tools and gadgets that can turn me into
one when I easily figured out that all I really need is just the right swimwear
for men that will flaunt my perfect figure.


Male chastity slave gear by cuff style cage

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True enough, the minute I stocked up on a load of different types of exciting
swimwear for men, I felt that in me, I have transformed into becoming a male
chastity slave and I didn’t believe at first that it can happen. In fact,
thanks to my newfound confidence, I have been into working as an actual slave
for gay men and they sure always have fun when I’m around.


I enjoy being a male chastity slave far more than being anybody else
in this world and I like it. I get to play with my dick any time I want and I
am also able to walk around the beach, my house, or even my neighborhood with
my head so high above myself. Try becoming one too! It will certainly change
your life.

Male chastity slave in sex wear

What comes to your mind when you hear male chastity slave? Have you been in search for one that you can
play with and have fun with while the lights are out and the doors are closed?
Don’t feel ashamed of your desires and sexual fantasies because a lot of other
guys out there are looking for the same thing and so much more.


What can make this search even more exciting is if you find somebody
who is not only good looking, hot, and yummy all rolled into one but is also
someone who will agree to being a male
chastity slave
. When he does, you can be sure that you will have the best
time of your life while in bed and anywhere else you might want to do it

Male chastity slave by Soread it boy!

Male chastity slave by


Remember, the only way for your
man of choice to be considered a male chastity slave is if he allows you to
dress him up wearing the nicest swimwear for men that you can ever find. And
even if this is potentially new to him, you will know that he is game if he
agrees to it. So better watch out for that one hot male chastity slave that you can find out there.


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Male chastity slave changed to a girl

This design completely changes a male to a female something that every male chastity slave must be forced to endure. It is part of his training. My master makes me wear the mens swimwear fem designs to the beach. With all the hair shaved off my body I do get confused as a women often. One who is laying out topless. My master loves how that makes my face turn red. Later she makes my ass turn red by whipping it.


Male chastity slave being forced to be a girl

Male chastity slave being forced to be a girl




The man that you have been seeing or have been living
with will have a fetish that you have not seen yet. He will have this desire
hidden deep within himself that probably only you can reach.  One of the many fetishes a man could have is
wearing the male chastity slave
items. These are special items that some men find very kinky and very sexy to
wear. As his partner, you will find it interesting why he would like to wear one;
soon enough, it will be time for you to try it out too.


Wearing the male
chastity slave
is not a hard thing to do. Since your man is already using
it, it is just fine to try it on you as well. He could guide you to finding the
right item that you can use as a beginner and something that is quite sexy to
your liking and to his taste too. In the long run, you will find yourself
actually enjoying to wear the sexy item and you will be on the go to the adult
shop that sell it to find the best quality and sexiest look to give him soon.
Maybe for Christmas?


Male chastity slave getting balls stretched poor slave

Male Chastity Slave

A good male chastity slave will allow their
Master or Mistress to do whatever they want with them and never complain about
it. They will also set up a safe word or phrase with their Master or Mistress
so that they can stop anything that they aren’t comfortable doing. In this way,
the slave and the one training them both know that there are limits to what the
other will allow. Most Masters or Mistresses will be aware that a safe word or
phrase will be needed and will instruct a new slave what that phrase or word
will be.

In addition
to a safe word, you’re going to need a variety of the right type of clothing and
chastity devices in your new male
chastity slave
lifestyle. The best place to find things of this nature is
at, the premiere website for all things of special menswear
items. That’s why you want to visit this website before you hit up any of the
other ones. This is where you’re going to discover many different clothing
items that will fit right in with being a chastity slave.

your Mistress or Master will want to approve the clothing items that you select
but you can be that they will do just that. You see, some of the best male chastity slave items are round
right there at You’re not going to be able to beat their quality
or prices anywhere else no matter how long and hard you may search.


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Male chastity slave ball pain and shaft stretching

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Male chastity slave by design

How to be a Legitimate Male Chastity Slave


G-strings and thongs, anal hook and crushed balls, ball crushers,
cock cages, and girls panties for men are just some of the swimwear that you
can wear by Koala designs. When you do, you automatically become a legitimate male chastity slave. How so? It’s
because your sense of pleasure automatically takes its peak as you develop a
tinge of desire for everything hot and sultry.


As a male chastity slave,
you ought to deliver not only in fulfilling the fantasies of a woman but also
in making sure that your very own fantasies are also fulfilled. Forget about
the dull, boring sex that ends up with you rummaging through the front door at
four in the morning because you’re too ashamed with your performance. With
Koala designs range of swimwear for men selections, every woman you meeet will
definitely beg for more.


Ah that delicious lick on your cock head will be a usual experience
and brining women home with you from anywhere will become all too possible. All
you have to do is look her in the eye, smile a little and whisper into her ear
that you are ready to become a male
chastity slave
just for her.


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Male chastity slave having penis stretched by