Finding My Place as a Male Chastity Slave

As a male chastity slave, I take offence to people that know nothing about this lifestyle calling me weak. I actually think it takes a stronger man to admit that he enjoys something like this than it does to dismiss it out of hand. These same people that think I am weak will refuse to even try something like this in their lives and that means they are closed minded to me. But there are a handful of people that will give something like this a try and they will see firsthand why I chose to live in this way.

Being a male chastity slave is hard enough to figure out when you don’t have anyone there to help you with it, but it gets even worse when you have someone that isn’t sure they are capable of helping you. Having someone second guess everything they are supposed to do with you is one of the most annoying things I have ever had to deal with. On the other hand, if you find someone that works well with you and your needs; it could be the one thing in your life that turns everything around for you.

I have been a male chastity slave for a few years now and I have had my fair share of useless individuals in my life trying their best to make my lifestyle something I couldn’t enjoy. Once you find someone that actually does make things enjoyable, however, you won’t want to go anywhere else. I have been lucky enough to find that person and my life has never been better. That is what you need to look for when it comes to things like this, but make sure you know the person well enough to put yourself into that kind of situation or you might not be too happy with things.


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Learning to be a Male Chastity Slave


Learning to be a Male Chastity Slave

Being a male
chastity slave is one of the hardest things I have ever attempted in my life. I
wasn’t exactly sure what I was supposed to be doing as a chastity slave, but it
piqued my interest once I found out about it online. I figured that the worst
that could possibly happen was that I wouldn’t enjoy it all that much. But the
truth is, even though it was difficult for me to get adjusted to; it turned out
to be the most magnificent journey I had ever been involved in and I won’t be
able to think of anything else for a very long time.

The role of
the male chastity slave is much different than the role of the traditional BDSM
slave. For one thing, I wasn’t punished for messing things up all the time.
Instead, I was given a chance to redeem myself and continued to enjoy all the
things that I wanted to. All I had to do was make sure that the person I was
with was being pleased in the manner that they wished and that was the only
thing that really mattered. I wasn’t tied down or chained to anything but, rather,
could enjoy everything that was happening to me, except in getting an erection.
As it turned out, getting an erection isn’t the most important thing in the


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