A Chaste Man isn’t Always a Male Chastity Slave

For those men that have decided to become chaste, they need to know that there is a vast difference in a male chastity slave and just being chaste. Plenty of guys enter the world of male chastity for various reasons. The top reason is that they need to learn how to put more emphasis on their partners than themselves. Keep in mind that being a slave means something much different than being chaste. So before you panic and decide that you don’t want anything to do with this chastity gig, explore it a bit further to see what makes a chastity man and what makes a chastity slave.

To begin with, a man delving into chastity only is there because he has realized that he doesn’t make anyone happy in his life except, perhaps, himself. It doesn’t mean that he will be a male chastity slave. This means that he will undergo training with an experienced Mistress or Master to get himself under control and start learning how to please his partner above himself. Granted, this may involve some difficult activities and tasks but they are performed for the reasons of becoming a better lover, a better partner and all around better man. It may not be pleasant at first, but it will be a very valuable learning experience for the man going through it.

On the other hand, if a man is not content with simply going through chastity training and feels that he needs something more in his life, he may decide to become a male chastity slave. This requires a lot more dedication than simply being in male chastity. These men want to be of service to their Mistress or Master to an extreme degree. They willingly give up their normal lives in order to be available in whatever way their Owners need them to be. While there are some men that will choose to do this, it is certainly not a requirement for all chastity men. In the end, the decision is an individual one.




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My Life as a Male Chastity Slave


My life as a male chastity slave obviously cannot be fully described in simply a few words. In fact, it would take a book to explain everything that is involved, but I will attempt to summarize a day in my life when it comes to serving my Mistress. While you may think, at first, that this is something no one would ever willingly do and enjoy, you would also be wrong. I chose this lifestyle for a variety of reasons, but the primary one is that I adore my Mistress and want to do everything possible to make her happy. Being her slave is how I do that.

My day as a male chastity slave begins at whatever time my Mistress wants it to begin. Sometimes, that is before dawn when she orders me to wake up and do some cleaning or laundry before I make her breakfast and serve it to her in bed. Once she has finished eating, I am allowed to eat my breakfast on the floor by the bed where she is lounging. Next, I am presented with a list of things that I am to complete during the day, preferably in time to draw a hot, relaxing bubble bath for her. At that point in time, I undress her and help her into the tub where I proceed to wash her body and her hair. It is then my job to get her ready for bed.

The final task of the day as a male chastity slave is to pleasure my Mistress sexually. I do this in several ways, depending upon what she is in the mood for me to do. Sometimes, I spend as long as an hour providing her with oral sex and being astounded as she reaches one orgasm after another. Other times, I am told to use toys on her. My favorite times, though, are when she allows me to unlock my chastity device and please her with my cock. It is those times when I also am allowed to gain release. Of course, immediately after that, I am to shower and replace my device. I don’t mind, though. Serving my Mistress is the most important thing in my life and I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.



Male chastity slave getting balls stretched poor slave

Male Chastity Slave

A good male chastity slave will allow their
Master or Mistress to do whatever they want with them and never complain about
it. They will also set up a safe word or phrase with their Master or Mistress
so that they can stop anything that they aren’t comfortable doing. In this way,
the slave and the one training them both know that there are limits to what the
other will allow. Most Masters or Mistresses will be aware that a safe word or
phrase will be needed and will instruct a new slave what that phrase or word
will be.

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Being a Male chastity slave

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I have been
a male chastity slave for a few
years now and love every second of it. A lot of guys out there will tell you
how great their chastity fetish is and how they enjoy being able to take their
cage off, but I am a slave that doesn’t ever get the chance to take his cage
off, and that is perfectly fine with me. Not only do I get to wear a chastity
cage for my Mistress, but I also live in a cage in the basement, so it makes me
feel even more at home when I have a cage around my cock.

Living your
life in a cage as a male chastity slave
may not be something that just any guy can agree on, but I love making my
Mistress happy and that is the only thing that is important to me in my life
right now. We have been together for almost four years and only recently
started the sex slave aspect of our relationship. The best thing about it is I
get to please my Mistress in ways that not having a cage on wouldn’t allow me
to do.

I think more
guys out there should consider being a male
chastity slave
for their partner so that they can show them the amount of
pleasure that I show my Mistress. How many guys out there would be willing to
allow their partner to tie them up against a wall and use a strap-on to fuck
them in the ass just to make them happy? I may not get the opportunity to have
physical sex with my cock, but it’s pretty much useless to me and my Mistress
anyway, so it’s no loss that I have it locked in a chastity cage all the time.


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